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Jessica Evans

Hallo there Inksharers! I’m a writer of many (unfinished) stories. My goal is to finally finish one of them. Your feedback/support/criticism will help me greatly! Likewise, I’m keen to delve into your stories with a nice cup of Earl Grey..
Jessica is the author of
On the brink of war a young man flees from everything he knows and loves.
Books Jessica Recommends
Stephen's writing is intense, gripping and often dark. It draws you in...
The last of the dreamwalkers seeks for answers in the long lost Compendium, but the greatest mystery lies within his own past.
This is so well written. The kind of book I could read because it just rolls... regardless of the storyline.
In the aftermath of the Civil War, a Union soldier seeks unholy vengeance against the Confederate guerrillas that brutally murdered his family.
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