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JB Minton

Writer, Technologist, Gamer, Podcaster and Twitch Streamer
JB is the author of
A father on business in San Francisco is quarantined after a viral outbreak and must get back to his family.
A police woman finds a lady pushing a dead child in a swing. She uncovers a murder cult targeting children.
A Geologic Cosmologist encounters a dangerous substance in a fracking field and falls into a long coma. When he wakes, he has amazing powers he could use to save the human race from spiritual invasion and certain destruction or choose to do nothing.
A time capsule is found with a play written by a dead lady. Her family comes together to act it out.
Bank robbery hostages are caught in a repeating 45 minute time loop. Can they eventually fix their lives and move on?
10 historical vignettes tell the dark history of Decatur, Illinois and its interconnected generations of characters.
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Friends, I am very proud to offer an anthology of over 20 short stories, over 75 poems and lyrics, and a dozen articles, Please consider supporting me with a pre-order as I finish compiling my favorite work into one book.
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by Stephen King
by Ernest Cline
by Cormac McCarthy
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