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James A. Conan

Writer. Sometimes I even get published. Cook. Knife-wielding misanthrope. Slush reader at Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores.
James is the author of
The life and therapy sessions of an out-of-luck motivational speaker recently separated from his wife.
Books James Recommends
I got three chapters in without even blinking. Powerful stuff.
Confined to a barbed-wire mental health facility for teens, Hunter must find a way out of the hellhole everyone says he deserves to be in.
I would like to thank Eric H. Heisner for teaching me the joys of Sky Pirates in the span of five minutes. I grew up listening to my grandfather talk about flying Hellcats during the war and I've had a soft spot for naval aviation ever since. Great read.
A female Archaeologist and an expat Seaplane Pilot deal with Air Pirates while hunting treasure in the South Pacific after WWII.
Intense stuff. On point technically, and (being new here) the first excerpt I've read that made me laugh out loud.
Heart attacks, car wrecks, suicides, overdoses, gunshot wounds and broken penises... some paramedics have the worst luck. We call them black clouds.
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