What inspired you to start writing your first/latest book?

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Cqny7do5 400x400 Alexandra Welch · Author · edited 3 days ago · 1 like
My "first" book, Grimalkin, is actually in its third incarnation. It began as a pure fantasy novel. Then it combined with another novel I was developing, and became an urban fantasy set in Sedona, Arizona. Now it’s fantasy horror set in WNY with elements of yet another novel mixed in. I’ve been at it (the two or three stories that morphed into one) for almost two decades but I felt secure enough in the current incarnation to enter it into this year’s horror contest. I’m inspired by everything from my dreams and nightmares. to places I’ve been and people I’ve met, people I’d love to know, and people (but not) I’d rather not.
S g PW Jordan · Author · edited 3 days ago · 1 like
I’ve  always been a reader and written since always. I remember typing on my sisters toy typewriter or scratching in notebooks. I’ve written and written and just not managed to finish a fully formed manuscript. I’ve changed a lot in the process and now take the process more seriously in planning and working on the beats. I guess its just in me and i’m trying to help it out and onto the page.
Valiquette 10 22 18 028 copy Leo Valiquette · Author · added 28 days ago
My first book? Because it was the 80s and I wanted to be Feist, or Eddings and see my name in print under a TOR, or DAW or BAEN imprint. I still want to see my name in print, because I’m compelled to write and the voices in my head won’t take no for an answer. And now it’s a interesting process of self-discovery to see what themes unconsciously emerge in my work.
Userphoto8 original D. Artis · Author · edited 29 days ago · 1 like
Let’s see, the thing that inspired me to write my current novel was a project I started in my final year of art school. I had to make posters for a possible movie/comic book and I just got carried away with character design. Before I knew it, I was deep into world building and creating story arcs.
3narkt5n A. P. Silva · Author · edited 13 days ago · 2 likes
That’s an awesome question! Why? Because it’s so hard to answer. For me, I don’t feel like there is every one particular thing that inspires a story; it’s an amalgamation of whatever is going on in life at that moment and my (then) current mindset. But I think what inspired me to write the novel that is up on Inkshares was my inability to find a book that covered the topic I was pondering. When you can’t find it, write it!
Image Luke Eaton · Author · edited 13 days ago · 3 likes
My latest book, The Gods Who Want To Die, was inspired by my own experiences being raised in a cult and mine and my family’s painful exit from it a few years ago. It was horrible, hence it’s a horror :) 
Img 20160806 023915 Luke Fellner · Author · added about 2 months ago
The first story I ever wrote was in the fifth grade, (it wasn’t the most amazing work ever, but it was a start) it was inspired by my experience in role playing games. There wasn’t a videogame where I could play the character in my head so I wrote it. My current preorder campaign is based on an art project I did of Clint Eastwood, I really wanted to create my own western. I went through a period of watching Clint Eastwood movies and playing Red Dead Redemption while writing this story. I saw what I wanted those Westerns to be so I wrote it.
Zack badge color 2 Z.Z. Traver · Author · edited about 2 months ago · 1 like
My book was actually inspired by an interactive fiction game written by Inkshares author Christopher Huang ("A Gentleman’s Murder" --A great book.)  Things really started moving when I wrote the first draft last year during NaNoWriMo!
Picture Iriplenex · Author · edited about 2 months ago · 4 likes
My first book I was inspired because I was in a bad place personally, so I signed up for my first NaNoWriMo event and finished it. Now, 6 years later, here I am. My most recent one, the world that my first novel was set in I realized could write a really nice romantic story as a kind of "off shoot" of my main fantasy work.
Nbp1bazw Michael Kilman · Author · edited 4 months ago · 3 likes
My most recent WIP Upon Stilted Cities was inspired by a dream all the way back in 2011, which I wrote down. In it, a man was standing overlooking a Giant walking city as it migrated through a desert landscape. 

At the time though, I was a graduate student and only had a few moments here or there to write anything down. Then a few years ago I started thinking about that dream and started writing stuff down. The next thing I knew I had a rough draft of the first 3 books and nearly 900 pages of text. Some of those were very rough at first but now they are much cleaner. 

The series will now have 6 novels. I self-published the first book Mimi of the Nowhere back in May and it’s getting a great response so far.  Upon Stilted Cities the second book just got a new cover and you find samples of it on my page. 

Just keep writing and write that thing which really is a splinter in your mind and will not let you rest until you get some words on the page. That’s when you know there is something to your story. 
Img 20151017 121906 Durena Burns · Author · edited 5 months ago · 1 like
Hello everyone,

What inspired me to write my latest project was having a companion and expansion book for my self-published work ’Call Me Whitehead’ about my late uncle’s experiences as a young black man in Vietnam War and training.

My current story ’Pieces of Us’, are tales of my late uncle’s & his siblings’ life---including my grandmother (his sister). Here’s the link for anyone interested: www.inkshares.com/books/pieces-of-us-a-tale-of-family 

Thank you,

 Durena Burns

1435464897.suddenhack image Bethany Fox · Author · edited 5 months ago · 1 like
Funny enough I actually got into writing because of a particular roleplay I did with someone a few years ago my book the beginning is the second thing I’ve ever written. My first is unfinished and I’m not sure if I can because it was so long ago, anyway here is my current book https://www.inkshares.com/books/the-beginning please check it out and let me know
Dean fearce dean fearce · Author · edited 5 months ago · 1 like
After reading Stephen King’s memoir "On Writing" I felt inspired and motivated to try writing fiction. The first book idea I had is, after many years, in production here at Inkshares. Shameless self promotion: come follow my Suspense Thriller, currently titled Murder Happens, but that’s a working title and likely to change soon...
35434221 10216932219082941 3867770766200143872 n Andrew Hennis · Author · edited about 2 months ago · 4 likes
Hello all!
Although I’ve been writing short stories and poetry for most of my life, it’s only recently that I’ve tried to write a full-fledged novel. In all honesty, the thing that inspired me to write the book that I’m working on right now, "Rejects", was a dream that I had. A few scenarios in the first chapter of the book were directly influenced by the actions and scenes that were in that dream and I just received such a powerful desire to write a story surrounding those events.

Please feel free to leave shameless self-promotion on this thread! I’d love to be able to read about the inspirations of others and how that’s gotten them to where they are with their novel.