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Close up A.C. Weston · Author · added over 2 years ago
I do see it as a hurdle to jump to convince people to pay now for something that might only exist in a year or 18 months from now. Some people just won’t go for it.

That’s actually okay with me, because then there will be people who haven’t bought my book on release day, and they might be more willing to buy it at a lower price - because the post-campaign price is always cheaper than the campaign price - on Amazon, thereby upping your release day numbers. They get your book right away, you get a higher ranking on Amazon, everyone wins!

The downside is if you needed that sale as a pre-order to reach publication. That’s rough, I know. Just keep trying.

I’ve also heard that some people would like to be able to read my excerpts on their e-readers, so I’m looking into how I could produce an ebook or mobi file for download from my project page. It can be done!

Like Christopher said, you can also email people the full manuscript as part of your thank-you-for-ordering email.
Portrait Christopher Huang · Author · edited over 2 years ago · 1 like
"Why should I pay $10 for an e-book...?"
1) You are not merely buying an e-book. You are placing a vote of confidence for the author with this purchase. You are saying: "This is a writer with a book that should be published, because I would buy it if it were. But talk is cheap, so here is some money to prove I mean what I say."
2) If you claim the credits for simply signing up, it’s only $5.

(I think it is important to recognise that each pre-order is not just a purchase: it is a vote of confidence. So you are not only selling books: you are selling yourself, and you are canvassing for backing.)

"Why not self-publish with Amazon...?"
How much quality control is there when self-publishing with Amazon, or with any self-publisher? Some writers hire professional editors to ensure a quality work, but readers have no guarantee of it when browsing a list of self-published works. Inkshares gives editorial services to all its titles. If you make it there, readers can have confidence that your book has a certain level of quality and readability.

But to your main point: yes, I’ve thought of something similar as well. I think it could be something as simple as adding a line in your "about" text about an unedited PDF draft being available to all purchasers. I’d suggest holding it back until someone actually brings up the "why should I wait" argument, though ... I mean, pull out that offer only as a last resort, and do not give the PDF to someone unless they’ve actually placed an order. I personally don’t feel comfortable disseminating multiple versions of the same book. I also suspect that people who read the draft will be less likely to read the finished manuscript, but maybe that’s not an issue if they’ve already bought it.
Picture Joshua Griffith · Author · added over 2 years ago

Hello my fellow Inkshares friends, I’ve had an ongoing issue as I’ve tried to sell my books here and to the general public and that has been that most people I’ve talked to about my novels is that when they buy a book, they want to have in hand, either by e-format or within so many days of purchase. In today’s market it seems to be geared towards immediate gratification by wanting the unpublished book yesterday and in their hands. I get dejected when I hear that the price is too much or that all too familiar phrase, “Why should I pay $10 for an e-book when I can go pay less at Amazon and have it now and not the promise of possibly a year from now?”  

I’ve doubted my selling prowess, even telling people that I have a full manuscript ready for publication and that I need the preorders to make it a dream come true. The people have asked, “Why bother with Inkshares when you can self-publish on Amazon?” Trust me when I say the thought had crossed my mind when I failed in my early attempts at selling two books at once, (dumb move on my part!) but this got me thinking of an idea that might aide some of us authors out. I know there are some authors here that do have manuscripts completed, albeit rough drafts and in need of editing, and would love to have them published right away. What if when we go through the setup process of our idea stage that there’s a spot that asks if you have a complete manuscript already and are given the option to have it uploaded in a readme or PDF file, separate from the preorder mode?

If someone purchased your book in paperback or e-book format, they would be instantly granted a viewable manuscript with the disclaimer that it’s unedited version. For the price the readers are paying for the e-books and physical copies, it’s not too much to ask if we let our backers get to read their purchase if we have it pretty much finished, albeit not polished to perfection. Please everyone, do weigh in your thoughts on this because this could the little chink needed to get past the immediate gratification population of readers.