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Dear authors and readers,

Thanks again to all who completed our recent surveys. Your feedback, experiences, and insights continue to inform how we advance Inkshares as a community, publisher and creative IP marketplace.

In the first survey, a vast majority of you stated that you found credits helpful, but with caveats. Many communicated that the credits policy is confusing and needs to be more strict, and that overall it’s too generous a system to continue in its current form. We agree.

The intent of the credit system is to encourage engagement with the platform.  Specifically, we want to incentivize readers to re-engage with the platform after their first purchase and to reward readers that bring new users into the Inkshares ecosystem.  At the same time, it’s important for us to be proactive in preventing harmful uses and abuses of this system.

To that end, we are updating credits to make them more sustainable. Starting today we will issue two types of credits:

Referral Credit for referring someone who buys a book (one credit per book): $2.50

First Order Credit for first-time users only, earned after their first purchase: $5

As always, we welcome feedback and questions.

Have a wonderful weekend!