Trying to order a book and it won't go through?

Created almost 3 years ago by A.C. Weston with 4 comments
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Close up A.C. Weston · Author · edited almost 3 years ago · 1 like
Thanks, Elena! I thought there might be a chance that other people were running into this problem, so I posted in the forum in case someone came here to see if there was a known solution to the problem. :)
Screen shot 2018 10 22 at 10.04.47 am Elena Stofle · Inksharesian · added almost 3 years ago
Hi @A.C. Weston! I am so sorry that I didn’t see this before. I usually do my CS work on our hello(at) account. 

What a weird glitch! I am going to take a look into this and email you directly, ok? 
Close up A.C. Weston · Author · added almost 3 years ago
I really want "The Battle for Oz" so I tried again. I got all the way to the confirmation page and I was even able to download the ebook, but my credits have not disappeared as the order indicated they would, and I have no confirmation email showing me I’ve ordered the print book.

So... I guess I get a free ebook? This doesn’t seem fair to Jeyna.

CC: @Elena Stofle  @Thad Woodman 
Close up A.C. Weston · Author · added almost 3 years ago
I’ve gone through the process of ordering "The Battle for Oz" (woo, summer reading!) twice now, and each time it seems to go okay all the way to the final confirmation page... but then I don’t get a confirmation email and my credits aren’t disappearing.

Is the book out of stock or something? I know the promotion is only while supplies last, but there was no message about it being out of stock.

CC: @Elena Stofle