Trying to join the GeekandSundry contest

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Snapshot   1 Tim Clarkson · Author · edited about 3 years ago
Hi guys, I’m a new author and I’ve been writing my hard sci fi book for a while at this point, though when I say writing I mainly mean being obsessed with the story, doodling a world around it, planning out plot points, and mostly ignoring it while trying to earn enough at my normal job to pay rent. 

I saw the GeekandSundry contest announcement and thought I’d throw up a chunk of the book to try and get some feedback about it if nothing else. I love my story, but I’m a really hopeless salesman.

I don’t have high hopes of winning, but it seems my entry hasn’t gone through or something. Is there a behind the scenes vetting process that I’ve got to wait to clear before it’ll show up as an entry?

Edit: I think I’ve figured it out. I blame my confusion on it being 2.15 am