To enter or not to enter Launch Pad

Created 11 months ago by Sharek Gadd with 9 comments
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Img 2511 Jane-Holly Meissner · Author · edited 10 months ago · 1 like
Oh, I see. I think you’d have to email Inkshares at hello(at)
Wp 20170604 12 37 53 pro Sacha Says · Reader · added 10 months ago
Thank you Jane-Holly! I understand that part, however, now I have signed up here, I have decided against entering the comp. I can’t see how I can remove the competition entrant label on my project page - does anyone know if this will be possible, or would I have to delete the project and start again? Many thanks!
Img 2511 Jane-Holly Meissner · Author · edited 10 months ago · 2 likes
In order to actually enter it you must pay the fee and enter on the Launchpad site as well.
Wp 20170604 12 37 53 pro Sacha Says · Reader · added 10 months ago
Hi there all, just to say, I’m a bit (completely!) confused by the Launch Pad competition myself! I ’entered’ it as part of my sign up to Inkshares, but now I think I’ve done it all the wrong way around as I think I was supposed to sign up to the other site first, which I haven’t done, and am not sure I should. Hm. It says on my project page that I have entered the competition, but I don’t think I have!
Cats were gods egypt Rochelle Campbell · Author · edited 10 months ago · 1 like
Hi Chris, 
This is a 2-part entry.  The LaunchPad portion is first. Your work is read by judges and the Top 75 will be announced on Sat, 7/29.  Those are the ones that will move forward to the semi-finalist stage.  About a month later (think it’s 8/21), the Top 25 will be posted.  These 25 books and their authors will now go on to the Inkshares portion of the contest which begins (I believe) in September.  Then, the voting (read: pre-orders) start to come in from the Inkshares community.  The top 3 will then be offered publishing deals with Inkshares. 

Hope this helps!
Pic222 Chris Picone · Author · added 11 months ago
I’m also on the fence with entering the Launchpad contest.  Apparently Kanimbla is sitting #4 on the leaderboard so it’s pretty tempting, but I know the contest hasn’t even really started yet.  And I don’t really understand how the contest works and how it interacts with the crowdfunding campaign.  I’m finding the lack of transparency very off-putting.
Profile Sharek Gadd · Author · added 11 months ago
Thank you for your input G.
I’m searching for readers. 
Self G. R. Paskoff · Author · edited 9 months ago · 2 likes
You should never enter anything into a contest until you are confident that your work is as good as you can make it. Let’s face it: editing is hard and takes time. If you are unsure of your editing skills or would like to get feedback, there are a number of resources on the internet where you can solicit beta readers who would be happy to do that in exchange for a free story.
Profile Sharek Gadd · Author · added 11 months ago
I’ve been mulling the idea of entering the Launch Pad contest but every time I proof read my work, it looks like crap. 

It’s essentially unedited and lacking substantial feedback. 

As the hours before the deadline dwindle, I’m not sure if I’d be wasting my time and money....or not?

Any suggestions?