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F255c6ea6ba51f97047b06d2d4686203 Benjamin Gray · Author · added 3 months ago
I had this problem, too. It was especially tough for me, because my book (The Wolf in the Woods) is a collection of 13 horror stories, and the pitch pretty much told everyone everything they need to know. I couldn’t just put "It’s a bunch of pretty good stories, look, you’re just gonna have to read it."

So, I did the Bee Movie thing. I did "According to All Known Laws of Aviation..." I came up with something interesting and catchy that described the tone and nature of my book and only took a few words to say:

"You are not afraid of wolves.
You have no reason to be. They live in their own world far away from you.
Friend, you are afraid of the woods."
Userphoto7 original Corey and Natasha Kern · Author · added 3 months ago
What type of information do authors generally put in the "About" section for their projects? We don’t want to leave it blank but also don’t want to provide redundant information.