Thanks not going to readers

Created over 2 years ago by Steven Barrie with 4 comments
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Rsk0k4ja Deborah Munro · Author · edited about 2 years ago
I did not realize how it worked, either. Thank you Christopher Huang!
Kilyp61t Steven Barrie · Reader · added about 2 years ago
Ooooh, thank you, @Christopher Huang. I didn’t realize that’s how it worked.
Portrait Christopher Huang · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 1 like
Your email client needs to be linked to your browser, so clicking the "Thank" thing pulls up an email message that you can edit and then send. The "Thank" thing does not, by itself, actually send anything: it’s really just a "mailto:" link that puts a template message in the email body, ready to go.

I also feel safer if my email client happens to be open at the same time, too.

When I thank someone via other means (word of mouth, or via chat, or whatever) I will later click the "Thank" button and immediately close the email message without sending it, just so I can keep an accurate record of whom I thanked.
Kilyp61t Steven Barrie · Reader · edited over 2 years ago
When I go to my reader pipeline and click Thank to send my thank you message to readers, the pipeline says I thanked the reader, but they aren’t getting the email. What am I doing wrong?

My book is Squeaky Clean, if it helps for figuring out what’s going on.