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Created 2 months ago by Matt Livingstone with 2 comments
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Pacifics first pitch2 Steve Hermanos · Author · added 2 months ago
Hi Matt,
I’ve done a bit of modification to my project’s page. After you make your project live, you go to "Edit Page" and you can do quite a bit of customization. Feel free to check out the page for my baseball novel, Going, Going, Gone!
Profilepic Matt Livingstone · Author · added 2 months ago
I haven’t made my project live, but I am wondering, can we customize our own reward tiers? Even if the cash levels are set, can we modify what we offer? If someone is going to support with like 60 dollars, I’d like for them to get a few short stories and a novella on top of it. I think getting your name in the back of a book is pretty stupid reward for that kind of support.