Spectre City is Live

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Userphoto1 original Reader Writer · Reader · edited 27 days ago
The tracking shot Dias de muertos is some of the best Bond, ever.
The story is weak, and its weird sometimes. The scene with Bond escaping the complex was particularly perturbing. All of a sudden, he’s an invincible sniper with a  essay writing service sub machine gun and everyone else falls on their face?
The music is solid, the intro is cool.

1c12296b 9616 4890 8d06 106c1e7b0b51 KE Van Dorn · Author · added about 2 months ago
When the young son of an infamous crime lord goes missing, his best friend, a deaf con artist, must untangle dark secrets at the heart of his retro-futuristic city in order to bring him home.

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