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Hi all, following years of scratching on paper, typing on typewriters and laptops at all hours of day and night I have decided that my all consuming hobby should be taken more seriously and perhaps I should listen to the compulsion that I have to write.
I have tried all genres but am increasingly pulled back to crime and thriller fiction. 

The Red Hand is one of a series of books following the troubles of Inspector of Police Matthew March, a disgraced and disabled Boer War Veteran as he returns to the alleys and ruins of his youth. An outcast from the Military warily welcomed into an overstretched  Constabulary.
The early 1900s was a time of upheaval in Ireland, one that has not been written of so much but I felt was a rich tapestry of riches and squalor, desperation and aspiration. Hope and Fear.
A time when the world was building towards War, when Ireland was rising to fight an Empire and technology and industry was raising legendary icons such as the TITANIC in rainswept shipyards. 
I hope you take time to take a look at the sample chapters and leave a positive comment.

Inspector Matthew March Series
The Red Hand
The Crossed Keys