Rewards to encourage Pre-orders

Created about 2 years ago by Brian Marsden with 3 comments
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Close up A.C. Weston · Author · edited over 1 year ago · 6 likes
Inkshares doesn’t care what or how you give away anything to encourage pre-orders. I’ve seen people give away DVDs of popular movies, other Inkshares books, their own self-published books, Amazon gift cards... some of us made a coloring book and gave it away during the first Nerdist contest. Do what you want. It’s your campaign!

Side note: I think giving away a first book is a great way to encourage pre-orders of a second book; offering a discounted price, probably not so much. Obviously you can try whatever comes to mind and test different tactics, but hooking people with free content is much easier.
I would definitely have the first book edited by someone, even if it’s a very kind and skilled friend who will work for free. It’s better than putting out work which turns people away entirely.

Good luck!
Img 20160806 023915 Luke Fellner · Author · added about 2 years ago
I can’t tell you whether or not inkshares approves, but I say it’s a good idea to self publish what doesn’t work on inkshares. You want to put your own story first, choose what’s best for it but also make sure you follow the terms.
Lxftacps Brian Marsden · Author · added about 2 years ago
I was wondering if about the use of "rewards" to encourage pre-orders. I have a scenario in mind and am curious as whether Inkshares would disapprove, as wells as what the community as a whole thought of the idea. So I am posting it here instead of direct messaging Inkshares support.

I have a book that I ran through funding and failed. But I am still committed to the series. So I was thinking of self-publishing the first novel and using discounted sales of it as a reward for those who pre-order the second novel which I would put up for pre-order at Inkshares.  Because it would offer instant fulfillment instead of the wait for final production and could help encourage pre-orders. Though it would also be offering a lesser quality product (less edited, poor quality cover image, etc.) and might turn off people from pre-ordering the second book.

It seems like a reasonable tactic but since it would be promoting a book that would be published outside of the Inkshares system I can understand why they might prohibit it. And I understand that it could be seen as taking advantage of the Inkshares network to make a little money even if I fail to get the full pre-order goal.

I am also curious if anyone else had tried it and what the results were. I know I’m not a great proofreader, which is why I want a publisher, but I also want to finish the story and if I can’t get anyone to read it then the rest of the story seems pointless.

Anyway what are your thoughts?