Queer Sci-fi with Space Ships

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What’s the book about?

Three hundred years in the future, we’re still alone in the observable space around Earth, but we have the technology to send out ships and find what we’re looking for – if it’s there. The Rheda has been jumping from one solar system to another, scanning planets for life, hoping to find any sign of other civilizations.

When they do, it’s not what anyone expected.

Be prepared for an adventure that involves discovering the secrets of the universe, the human spirit, corporate meddling, military shenanigans, self-aware AIs, mysterious aliens, and a diverse cast of characters.

Who’s the author?

I’m an ex-psychologist, German, lesbian pastry chef with a deep love for sci-fi.I’ve been writing for about 25 years, at least 18 of them in English, none of them professionally – until now.

Art by Dakota

Please pre-order Jump the Gun and help me bring these complex characters to the stars.