Product Updates on Inkshares

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According to, "We get particularly deep into the base-pair-level genetics of each story. The book is the fulcrum of the global story economy, and we try to look as far “down field” as possible. Development at Inkshares is probably hybrid between traditional publishing and a TV-show’s “writers room” with multiple editors there to support the author at the helm. It’s strenuous, but also supportive, and I always hear from our authors that they can’t imagine having grown as much via a different process." Assignment Writing Service
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Picture Adam Gomolin · Inksharesian · edited 3 months ago · 13 likes
In late 2016, we pushed a significant update to the product, resulting in the current dashboards that include Story Machine.  Thad and I are hard at work on a product redesign focused on the overall author experience on Inkshares.  We would love to get some early feedback from some of you.  If you are interested, shoot me a DM on the site or like this comment.