PhD Scholarship in Climate Change Fiction

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Userphoto6 original Reader Writer · Reader · added 3 days ago

Make sure that the articles you use aren’t giving statistics without links. They can be included in the text or follow the article at the bottom of the page.

27751715 10211458139826047 4240069149841218909 n CJoshua · Reader · added 25 days ago
Looks like Belgium students are lucky to have such a chance. The Department of Literary Studies at Ghent University posted the guidelines for a student who wants to participate in a research project called Imagining Climate Change: Fiction, Memory, and the Anthropocene and essay typer research paper results will be announced in Climate Change essay topics section.
Userphoto7 original Reader Writer · Reader · edited 25 days ago
Welcome, everybody. It’s cool that there is such a scholarship. By the way, my friend would be interested in that who also writes books. It would be very helpful to address this problem.
15230176 Joni Dee · Author · added almost 4 years ago
@Erin S. Evan very interesting to know that there are things like that! not my field but many thanks 
Pa240021 Erin S. Evan · Author · added almost 4 years ago
Hello all! I asked Inkshares before I posted this, and they said go for it. I hope people will find it interesting/helpful/pass it along! Maybe someone here will find it interesting and worth pursuing. It sounds amazing!  Its a PhD post at Ghent University re: fiction writing and Climate Change.