Peer review and suggestions for Author's voice

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    I am a new author and I’ve been inundated with great reviews from friends and family. Unfortunately, the kindly jaded views of friends and family are about as useful as pipe bumpers on a Geo Metro, so I’m looking for some more brutal and armchair type of criticism. I’m not a professional anything, and actually take constructive criticism pretty well, so please feel free to have at it! As with all second guessing authors, I’ve caught and continue to catch editorial issues and technical glitches in my writing. That being said, I welcome the same from anyone else who realizes that when brass checking a 1911, you see the shell through the slide as opposed to the ejection port.  *forehead slap*

Thanks for reading, thanks for following if you like it, and thanks for helping make me better at writing!

*Edited to add disclaimer -  I am a former Marine. My work isn’t for the feint of heart. If you get easily offended by dirty humor or consider realistic vulgarity disgusting, my work isn’t going to suit your tastes. Therein lies the warning.*