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Img 20160806 023915 Luke Fellner · Author · added about 2 years ago
@Joseph Keeler Good luck!
Me J. Graham-Jones · Author · added about 2 years ago
Best of luck to you, if you try it :) You’ll have to let us know how it goes!
My face Joseph Keeler · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 1 like
The only reason why I am considering doing this is because i have a tiny circle of friends and family. only about 20 people have actually bought my book from that circle. (some of them only because i twisted their arms to do it)
I am very thankful for them but at the same time I know I need another source of exposure. And if this is the way, then great. I hear what you are saying though. They do post dozens of other books everyday. But, thats the thing. Thats a good thing! I dont mind being one voice amongst many. All i need is a couple dozen, or even just 10 to feel like it was a success. For the amount it costs compared to how many people there are that could possible buy my book, I feel its a necessary risk.
From what Ive seen they have somewhere in the neighborhood of 200K followers across theyre social media Network. I wouldnt be surprised if about half of those are either repeat accounts or ghost accounts. But that still leaves 100K followers. Thats WAY more than I need to be able to see my book. if even .1% of them decided to look at and buy my book, that would still be 100 people.
Me J. Graham-Jones · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 1 like
@Luke Fellner  I believe the rule is that a book can’t have more than two authors, so @Lena (Helena and Malena) are perfectly within the rights to be where they are in the contest :)

Regarding paying someone else to promote your book... I’d say consider it carefully. There are a lot of these accounts out there, who will tweet about your book to tens of thousands of people - but they also tweet about dozens of other books each day. You have to weigh up how much you’re going to spend versus how many people are actually going to look at and ultimately buy your book in return for you paying for this extra promotion.

Personally, it’s something I tried once and wouldn’t try again. It didn’t cost a lot, but it also didn’t lead to any tangible benefits for me. I have had much more success promoting Witherfist myself, or by having friends and family share details of the book / the contest.
Img 20160806 023915 Luke Fellner · Author · edited about 2 years ago

@Joseph Keeler  I read through the rules of the contest, I didn’t see anything that says you can’t reach out to outside sources. But I did notice that the terms say that books with two authors aren’t allowed, the book in first place has two authors and that is something that should be looked into. The only thing the terms seemed to outright ban when it comes to bringing buyers to a book was creating multiple accounts or asking others to create multiple accounts to purchase your book. They want people who are genuinely interested in your book to purchase preorders, so be sure any marketing you do includes some short information about your book.   

Img 20160806 023915 Luke Fellner · Author · added about 2 years ago
@Joseph Keeler Hello again! I haven’t read the terms and services for the Geek & Sundry contest, but if you can get that opportunity take it. Just do a little research on the blog beforehand, if it’s possible. Sometimes people will have ghost accounts to bump their numbers. I’d also recommend this method to anyone who has the resources, but remember to make sure the blogs also fall within your target audience. You don’t want to market to a bunch of kittens about dog food.
My face Joseph Keeler · Author · added about 2 years ago
So ive been approached by people who promote peoples books.
Basically they ask for a one time payment and they promote your book on their social media pages (Which have tens of thousands of followers)
I mostly want to know whether this kind of business was ethical. Since I am also in the Geek & Sundry contest, I also wanted to make sure i wasnt breaking any rules. If I am, please let me know! This is really important, because it could mean me getting published and then some!