Newbie, have questions

Created about 1 year ago by Mia Carter with 3 comments
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Head shot Mia Carter · Author · edited about 1 year ago · 1 like
Lol I noticed, I will certainly follow people, thanks! I’ve already started asking around too. Thanks again!
Dsc00487   copy Craig A. Munro · Author · added about 1 year ago
Hi Mia,

These forums aren’t all that active. I’d suggest following a handful of people (they’ll generally follow you back) and start a conversation via DM. There’s loads of great people around!
Head shot Mia Carter · Author · edited 12 months ago · 1 like
Hi there! Just joined inkshares and getting the hang of it slowly. I was wondering if anyone could help me to know if I should be using my pen name or keep with my real name for now? Any tips on creating my "about" section would be much appreciated too!!! As well as getting people to follow! 

I am also curious as to how the pre-order part works, I have a complete book. Do I put the whole thing on my project? I also have another ending written out and is that something I should incorporate somewhere???

 Thanks in advance for any help!