Need help with my sales pitch

Created 7 months ago by Luke Fellner with 2 comments
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Desert final zoomed A. C. Schulties · Author · added 3 months ago
Hi, Luke!
I’m new to Inkshares and have started uploading my book as a draft. I’d really appreciate it if you could give your opinion on it. We can help each other on our sales pitches. Check it out here:
One pointer I can offer is expanding your "about" section of The Burned to include more information about your main character and his story.
Img 20160806 023915 Luke Fellner · Author · edited 3 months ago · 1 like
Been telling people about my book daily and still haven’t gained preorders. I’m not frustrated, I’m of the mind set that this isn’t over until I reach the last day of my campaign. I need advice on a sales pitch because obviously mine isn’t working. I’ve tried being blunt and I’ve tried being casual about it. Perhaps there’s something I’m missing, would love to hear advice!

Thank you, also feel free to check out my book "The Burned" and consider ordering!