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First off, yes, this is partially a shameless plug for Snipe Hunt, my entry in the Inkshares 2018 Horror Contest.

Second, with my luck, it will probably work better for someone else--who will then proceed to rocket past me on the leaderboard (*maniacal laughing/uncontrollable sobbing*)

So like a lot of you, I started a Facebook page for my book. Also like a lot of you, the characters in my book are based on people I know. Being a teacher (and Snipe Hunt being a YA Horror novel), the characters were primarily based on my former students, many of whom I still keep in touch with.

Every couple of days, I do a feature on one of the characters in the book along with a bio of their real life counterpart and a few pictures (all done with their permission and help, of course).

This is not only an interesting bit of info for your current readers/followers, but potentially gets the subjects and their friends interested in the book as well. It’s definitely helped me gain a few sales--and has been a lot of fun.

*Shameless Plug #2* You can see an example of what I’ve done over the ’Snipe Hunt’ Facebook page :)