Launched Too Soon

Created almost 3 years ago by Thornton Brothers with 4 comments
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15230176 Joni Dee · Author · added almost 3 years ago
@Thornton Brothers  email - I’m sure they can do it for you.  
Cdmklxo Thornton Brothers · Author · added almost 3 years ago
Saw them on the first book we did yesterday, but not this one and didn’t think about it until it was too late. :/
Ww 2 7kl johnsoncm · Author · added almost 3 years ago
now that i think of it, i don’t recall seeing those boxes either when i launched Seven Days Dead.  I’m taking The Lion in Darkness a lot slower though.  Did you see them in the draft phase?  or is that just when you go from draft to preorder?
Cdmklxo Thornton Brothers · Author · edited almost 3 years ago
Hey guys,

Okay, so we’re new to inkshares. We put up our first in-the-works book PRODIGAL SON without a hitch yesterday, but when I went to add another project (a completed work) I seem to have accidentally launched it without seeing or filling out all of the appropriate boxes (never saw an option to be part of Quill, for example, request an advance, etc)... I just hit the button and uploaded a chapter and it was there for presale.

Is there any way to go back and adjust the crowdfunding parameters, or kill the project so I can do it again the right way, hopefully seeing all options available to me? The big issue is that I wanted the option of a hardcover.

Thanks in advance!

Jay Thornton