Intro of a Crazy Person

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Picture of me 12 Christopher Brown · Author · added almost 3 years ago
Thank you, it feels good to be welcomed. 
Img 0137 p bw C. Brennecke · Author · added almost 3 years ago
Welcome, Chris! 
Picture of me 12 Christopher Brown · Author · edited almost 3 years ago · 5 likes
Hello Inkshare Community! I am a new member here, and I just thought the best way to start off would be introducing myself through the forums, because what’s the point in being timid about it. My name is Christopher Brown, Chris for short. I was raised in the Southeastern part of Pennsylvania, a relatively rural area. My stories were usually a private affair, not really meant for other people. And in all fairness that was partially due to not having the most supportive of environments (but that’s a whole can of worms that you good people don’t need to concern yourself with). In short, after doing some storytelling,  and some light writing I thought that I’d try out Inkshare with the possibility that a hobby might become something that can lead me in cool directions. So lets have a good time, and hopefully I don’t wear thin on you all.

Thank you, Chris.