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Henry jakubs headshot Henry Jakubs · Author · edited almost 3 years ago
I think a World Builders collection would be cool, he is a busy dude though. Also, we can post our stuff on r/Kickstarter. Not sure if anyone is going to pay attention to that tidbit. Make sure to create a text post, don’t just submit the URL if you are doing it for yourself. 

Edit: make sure you mention how much time you have left and whether you’re funded. 
Picture Amanda Orneck · Author · added almost 3 years ago
I am not sure what the plan is. I think considering how busy he is it’s unlikely that he would be willing to spend the time to become an imprint of his own. But I do know there’s talks with him coming on the platform, I just don’t know in what capacity.
Henry jakubs headshot Henry Jakubs · Author · edited almost 3 years ago · 1 like
@Amanda Orneck You mentioned Patrick Rothfuss coming in to host a syndicate, is it possible that he might create a World Builders Collection instead? Looking at how he operates that might be something he would go for, where a portion of the royalties go to his charity. 
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I mentioned yesterday that I would create a list of resources that were specifically for writers. This will not cover everything you can find on Reddit, but I really hope it does help people and get them interested in using the site. As always, familiarize yourself with the rules of a subreddit before posting there. Make sure to join the community and get involved before you try to sell your stuff. There are places you can shamelessly self-promote, but most will just ban you and delete your stuff.

As always, please subscribe to r/Inkshares if you do sign-up for Reddit. I’m not sure how we’re going to build the community there, but I think it’s something we need to do. If you have any ideas or questions feel free to post them.

Many of resources are community-based that you can interact with other authors in your genre and learn from each other’s experiences.

General Resources

r/WritingPrompts - If you are having trouble getting to work, or just need something to warm you up, the writing prompt subreddit is the place to go. There are over 6 million subscribed to it, and there are hundreds of prompts posted there daily. They come in many forms, with people posting ideas, art, or even music to inspire people to write. They also have workshops every other week focusing on different elements of writing. You can even post what you’ve written in the prompt thread and someone might comment on it or even give you constructive criticism. It’s a very respectful place.

Personal Note: I used to frequent this subreddit daily, choosing a different prompt each time, in an effort to get into the practice of writing every day. If you need to get into the habit of consistently writing this might help you.

r/Writing - You’re probably surprised that I didn’t list this one first, and there is a reason for that, mainly that it only has 175 thousand subscribers. There are all sorts of things here for you to work with. They have a self-promotion thread where you can advertise your work (I’m sure you can sense this is a common trend, it’s used to combat spam). Keep in mind that it does not allow self-promotion outside that thread, they will delete and potential ban you if you do that. They also have a critique thread where you can post your work and people will give you feedback. If you want to get to know other fledgling or experienced writers this is a good place for you to go.

r/DestructiveReaders - Please note that before submitting anything here to be critiqued you need to have somewhat thick skin (people can be jerks, and this subreddit can take it to the next level) and have already gone over someone else’s work equivalent to the word count that you are posting.

Destructive Readers is where authors go if they need someone to tear their work apart. If you want to improve your abilities this is a place for you to do it. This might be especially beneficial if you lack beta-readers. Not only will you receive comments on your work but you constantly improve your skills by dredging through what other people submit. The only goal here is to become a better writer, that’s what everyone is striving for, so keep that in mind.

r/Writers - A relatively small subreddit compared to the others, r/writers is geared towards achieving excellence in a less moderated environment. This means that you can potentially self-promote your work, to a certain extent, but you shouldn’t take this for granted.

Genre Specific Writing Subreddits

r/FantasyWriters - Not going to go into much detail here. This is dedicated to fantasy writers, they don’t want to see anything else. You can promote in the weekly check-in thread, but I’d go into more detail about your progress on projects first..

Please note I don’t have much experience with these next three. I probably will be joining them in near the future.

r/WritersOfHorror - Dedicated to horror writers. You can post your stuff here, I wouldn’t spam it.

r/SciFiWriting - Meant to discuss science and speculative fiction. You can ask for critiques of your work, and even promote yourself as long as you follow the guidelines.

r/YAWriters - Discuss your works in progress. Network. The first Tues of every month you can self-promote as shamelessly as you want in the dedicated thread.


r/WroteABook - Once your book is ready to go you can post it here.

r/Ebooks - You’ve finished your novel, your release date is right around the corner, and you want to boost your sales. You can message the mods here and then self-promote if they give the go ahead.

r/FreeEbooks - If you have something self-published, and you are doing a free weekend, post it here. It results in hundreds of additional downloads depending on genre and quality (I routinely see 175 when I post other people here). Just remember, it has to be free.

r/IndieAuthorPromotion - Dedicated specifically to indie authors. It’s a small subreddit, 77 people, but that is actually a fairly large number considering our requirements to be published.

r/EbookDeals - Let’s say your ebook has gone on sale, you can post it here. That sale can be the result of a free promotion even.

That’s all for now. It took longer than I thought, so I’m sorry it ended up later than I originally intended. I’ll be posting more soon.

Edit: We now have 15 users on the r/inkshares subreddit, which is great. I also create a thread where we can promote ourselves for the time being there. Check it out.

Picture Amanda Orneck · Author · edited almost 3 years ago · 2 likes
@Richard Saunders  Between the letter @Adam Gomolin  sent to the community and the town hall video chat he and @Thad Woodman hosted with the authors, there’s quite a bit of information out there about what’s happening at the company.  Let’s see if I can summarize:
1. The business model will be changing so that publishing at the company can become self-sustaining. There are a couple of options as to how this will take shape, but they will be giving more information on that in the future.
2. Adam and Thad feel that the authors in the community are the most valuable commodity they have, and want to treat them as a sort of House of Representatives. They plan to share their goals and initiatives with the author community and garner feedback.
3. Quill will be the heart of whatever path the business takes in the future. They see this as a minimum viable product for finding quality books they can bubble up to things like Properties and Inkshares full publishing.
4. Many new big names are coming to the platform, including Crypt entertainment partnering in a horror writing contest in October and Patrick Rothfuss coming on board to most likely host a syndicate.
5. Credits are going to be completely revamped, if they stay in at all. They have been used in ways they were not intended for, and in some cases outright abused.
6. In a survey sent out to funded authors, the vast majority of writers said they were more interested in trading royalties for additional services (marketing, distribution, etc). This is most likely the direction the company will take going forward as they move into a profit-sharing business model.
7. The executives want to bring even more brands into relationships with Inkshares. If you have one you are dreaming of working with, contact them about it.
8. Today the WriteBrain podcast will have Adam on as a guest, and they will be asking questions from the authors. I’ll probably put a link up on the subreddit to the episode as soon as it launches.

Henry jakubs headshot Henry Jakubs · Author · edited almost 3 years ago · 2 likes
We’re up to 11 subscribers on the Inkshares subreddit. Due to aversion that many authors have towards Reddit, that is actually pretty good. Keep it up. I’m going to create a list of resources that can be used on Reddit for everybody as well, it should be included in this thread later today. 
Henry jakubs headshot Henry Jakubs · Author · edited almost 3 years ago · 1 like
@Richard Saunders Well, @Amanda Orneck posted this to the Inkshares subreddit (yes, the hyperlink sends you to the post on Reddit, where you need to click the title to take you to the blog post, I did this because I want people to go to the subreddit), which happened a little over a week ago. I’m sure there are a ton of other announcements coming up soon. Here’s a direct link if you hate Reddit...
Twitter profile pic Richard Saunders · Author · edited almost 3 years ago · 1 like
"Especially with the changes coming to the company  . . ."

@Amanda Orneck , would you care to elaborate on the changes that are coming?
Henry jakubs headshot Henry Jakubs · Author · added almost 3 years ago
@Amanda Orneck The fact that it is self-promotion based so far isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is not ideal (I even post my own draft to get a feel for how often people check it out). Ideally we would have flairs, where we would have flairs, where people could mark what their post is all about, which would allow users to refine the postings to what they want.

I think a "Welcome to Inkshares," thread would be good. Giving people an overview of the site, what to expect, and resources to help people get their name out there. 

We could also have a self-promotion thread rather than just have people post stuff. The mods could delete it every week and then people could post their stuff in it. That would clean it up a bit.

Mods could also sticky major news from Inkshares, like film deals or changes coming to the site. That sort of thing. Implementing a daily author AMA or weekly podcast where people are featured and can gain exposure might be good. r/Fantasy calls it author of the day for their version of the AMA.

I honestly have no idea how active the current mods are for the subreddit though. It’ll be somewhat arduous to get some of these things started. I’m sure I have more ideas but I’ve just woke up.
Picture Amanda Orneck · Author · added almost 3 years ago
Thanks @Henry Jakubs for taking the time to point out the /r/Inkshares. I have seen several posts about Inkshares on reddit, and participated in one myself, but didn’t realize an /r/ existed.  Right now it appears to be just self-promotion threads through, which makes it a little difficult to jump in and participate, and probably also doesn’t help the rep of the subreddit amongst the larger community. 

I’ll see about posting some information there that should help people curious about Inkshares get a handle on what we’re about. Especially with the changes coming to the company this would be a great outward facing info conduit.
Henry jakubs headshot Henry Jakubs · Author · edited almost 3 years ago
@Joseph Terzieva I’m still waiting on confirmation from the mods that we can post to the Kickstarter Subreddit. They should let us, and I hope they get back to me soon. The crowdfunding subreddit should be fine. 
162980 10150347252315626 6077063 n Joseph Terzieva · Author · added almost 3 years ago
Thanks for highlighting these. I never thought of the kickstarter subreddit.
Henry jakubs headshot Henry Jakubs · Author · edited almost 3 years ago · 1 like
If you hit up r/fantasy they have a bi-weekly self-promotion thread where you can post your stuff. The last one just closed, I can let you know when the next one opens up.  It’s usually a sticky created by one of the mods. 
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I tried the fantasy reddits but most were no promotion. I didn’t think of the kickstarter ones. Good idea.
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I’m a habitual lurker over on Reddit. Sometimes I’ll post, but unless I know for a fact I can add to the growing conversations on the site I keep to myself. The only time I step outside of these practices are to promote the works of others.

Reddit is heralded as the frontpage of the internet, and with the many different subreddits on the site you can tailor your experience to suit your needs. Due to the huge influx of individuals they have on a daily basis many people created subreddits devoted entirely to promotions, where people can post about their work or that of their loved ones, favorite authors, musicians, etc. Suffice it to say, it is a wonderful place to freely advertise yourself.

When I decided to post my novel, The Weaver Chronicles: Graft, here on Inkshares I knew I’d have to promote myself to get the book funded. It was up to me to bring in those potential buyers if I wanted to be successful. It’s really a required element to the process.

The first place I went to was, which has over 33,000 people subscribed to it. Original intended to allow people to promote either their kickstarter campaigns, or those that they felt were interesting and deserved a wider audience, it steadily grew to include Indiegogo and other crowdfunding sites. Personally, I’ve posted a number of campaigns there, and have seen a decent influx of sales for the many projects I have supported after having done so. More importantly they have received a huge increase in traffic, which I desperately want for Graft. I want people to see, to tell their friends about it, because I have faith in it.

After doing a quick search I discovered that no one has ever posted an Inkshares project to that subreddit. This put me into a very interesting situation, as there was no precedent set I couldn’t be impetuous and just post my own, at least not without the possibility of getting banned and losing that resource for future projects. I did the only logical thing, I messaged the moderators, and I’m still waiting for a response (I’ll probably message the Mod again this week to see if I can get an update). I’m sure you all can understand how this would us all, and I hope we get a favorable response.

The next subreddit I proceeded to check was Honestly, this should have been the first place I looked, but I wasn’t really certain Inkshares would have it’s own subreddit based on the lack of mentions of Reddit these forums. I was surprised to find one, and that are 2 posts there, and a whopping 8 subscribers.

Reddit is a fantastic resource, especially for authors, and developing an Inkshares subreddit could drastically increase the amount of traffic to our respective projects. This would help not only in regards to follows, but also by word of mouth. If people love your work, they’ll promote it for you, and it’s remarkably easy to do on Reddit where in many cases all they need to do is copy and paste a url. There is an additional benefit, we will be able to create the type of community we want for ourselves, rather than being forced to endure what already exists.

Some places on Reddit lack a certain bedside manner, people can be confrontational and downright rude, but we have the ability to ensure that does not happen. Honestly, it’s going to take effort, and I know that Reddit is daunting for many people, but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Now, when posting in the r/inkshares subreddit you can also crosspost to other ones. This means that after posting to r/inkshares your post could simultaneously show up in r/crowdfunding (2,900 subscribers), r/wroteabook (3,000 subscribers if your project is funded or nearly there) and r/fantasy (over 97,000 subscribers here, but I wouldn’t necessarily self-promote there unless you use the specific thread for it or your book is on sale, it’s just an example) without much effort. Now, it becomes incredibly easy to do the same thing for our friends and fellow Inkshare authors, without the stigma that many subreddits have towards self-promotion.

I could probably go on forever about this, but I implore you to sign up for Reddit. Start checking out the other subreddits, make sure to become a part of the community before promoting yourself (stick to the rules of the subreddit, but the same thing applies for Goodreads if you haven’t already used that site), but subscribe to ours. We want people to go there, and in order for that to happen we need to cultivate a presence. People are lazy, and they can receive an astounding amount of information on Reddit very easily, we should be using it to our advantage.

If people want I can list off some subreddits where you can get started, most of which will be genre specific. If you have any questions I’ll do my best to try and answer them. It’s possible, also, for me to start helping you promote your work there, but I need you to start participating there as well.