How obscene is obscene?

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Picture Glenn McDougall · Author · added almost 3 years ago
Thanks for the opinion Joseph. It is obvious but good to hear as I’m doing some editing on chapter three..

I kind of knew this post would draw some people in but it would also put some people off completely. Congratulations! You are officially classed as an obscenity hunter! ;)

Never read Haunted though I do have the eBook somewhere. Will remember to check it out. Cheers.
Picture Joseph Asphahani · Author · added almost 3 years ago
What’s up, Glenn?

So I’m not qualified to speak for inkshares staff and deliver an official ruling on the matter, but in terms of story, I’d suggest you keep the obscenity to a level just above alienating your readers, at least. Hahaha! My mother nearly named me Captain Obvious, but settled on Joe, thank God.

Still... Just wanted to say that seeing your post here was a damn fine way to get me to check out your draft’s page and get me interested. Nice!

For my own part, as long as the obscenities and gotesque depictions don’t make me want to hurl, then all’s well and good. We’re all adults, right?

(Have you ever read Chuck Pahalniuk’s short story "Guts" in his book "Haunted"? Frikkin’ nasty. That one almost made me sick. I might be spelling his name wrong. But I did meet him at a book-signing, and he tossed out squeaky hamburgers and severed body parts with his autograph on them. I got a hamburger.)
Picture Glenn McDougall · Author · added almost 3 years ago
I’ve just been reading through the Terms of Service (as you do when you’ve got hundreds of awesome books you should be reading...) and am worried that my manuscript could fall foul of them. I personally don’t think it’s too shocking but a few of my friends couldn’t even finish the first chapter. 

Could anyone give me a solid definition of obscenity and/or have a quick read through to put my mind at ease? I’d hate to start doing well only to find out I am unpublishable.

Thanks in advance :)