How do I find the rankings of books by genre?

Created 10 months ago by Deborah Munro with 5 comments
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303706 10150954327860478 2105082505 n Paul Plante · Author · added 9 months ago
I don’t quite understand most of the logistics on this site either, much of it seems arbitrary and temporary as they figure things out in the long term. Though the site itself functions about as well as it needs to, so I guess there’s that.

Speaking of the logistics of ’Discover’ in this case, Most Relevant is the most confusing. But when I customize the crap out of the filter for Most Recent and Trending, I get childishly excited on seeing my own books on the front page of the results. Hopefully things become easier to use as the site becomes more popular and the infrastructure improves.
 nzkhmgt Evan Graham · Author · added 10 months ago
Usually the top sellers show up towards the top when you search your genre, though they don’t seem to always sort in order.
For people who funded by placing in the top 3 of contests of particular subgenres, it’s probably safe to bet your standing is the same as your rank in that contest.
I’m currently # 2 in the Hard Sci-Fi category, myself.
Rsk0k4ja Deborah Munro · Author · added 10 months ago
Can you repost to inkshares team? 
Img 2511 Jane-Holly Meissner · Author · edited 10 months ago
I am also really interested in finding out this information. :D
Rsk0k4ja Deborah Munro · Author · edited 10 months ago · 3 likes
My book, APEX, is happily ranked 4th in Horror. I’d like to know how I can find which books are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and I’d love to know what the top books are in the other genres as well. Is there a place where this information is consolidated into a listing or ranking?