Historic sci/fi fantasy, GREAT style

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@John Michaels Thanks for pushing for books you enjoy seeing, it’s pretty awesome to see that there are readers on here that would tell people about a good book they spotted. 
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Thanks for posting! Glad you enjoyed the story, so far. Working feverishly on the third chapter, now. Can’t wait to read more of your own book. I love the believable characters and storyline in Fire Sale. It’s a breath of fresh air to have a story of combat and battle by someone who knows firsthand what both are like.
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Hey, it’s not my book but I wanted to turn people on to a pretty incredible historical sci-fi fantasy that I got the chance to preview.  It presents an amazing depiction of one of the most brutal periods of warfare in history. The Builder’s Spark, by Thomas Maur, is worth taking a look at and supporting.  I got the chance to speak with the author about the direction that the book is going, and I think that the series of books that he intends to create will cross genres. His storyline will be drawing in audiences that enjoy a strong female lead character and Steam-punk style biomechanics as well as a World War 1 style of warfare where honor isn’t a thing of the past. He hinted at some serious plot twists that will make for great story telling in the future, as well.  Look him up, follow his book and feel free to ask him about his plot devices. Pretty epic and worthy of mention, in my opinion.


Thanks for stopping by!

-John Michaels