A God in the Shed issues

Created 7 months ago by Sharek Gadd with 4 comments
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Elena 1024 720 1 Elena Stofle · Inksharesian · added 7 months ago
@Sharek Gadd there are many possible reasons for this, the best thing to do is to email customer service at hello(at)inkshares.com and I can help sort it out. 
Profile Sharek Gadd · Author · added 7 months ago
Looking through AGITS page...
I noticed a few others who hadn’t received physical copies..
Elena 1024 720 1 Elena Stofle · Inksharesian · edited 7 months ago · 1 like
Hi @Sharek Gadd this is very strange, I will investigate and email you with a solution asap. 
Profile Sharek Gadd · Author · edited 7 months ago
In September, I ordered a physical copy of A God in the Shed and have yet to receive it.
I’ve reached out to the author through Inkshares but have yet to receive a response.
Am I missing something?