G&S Contest: The Story So Far Part 11

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38631140 2045541655507956 8838829299717898240 o Jeyna Grace · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 1 like
There will be something less to look forward to when the contest ends. No more checking the forum on the weekends. No more eager scrolling for encouraging words. Your words will be missed, Joey! 
Valkyrie2 %282%29 Tahani Nelson · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 2 likes
Faoli-Joey, I LOVE seeing these every week and I’m really going to miss it after the contest is over. 

Also-- SO INCREDIBLY GLAD to see Witherfist on here (finally). Congrats, Ms. Jones!
Me J. Graham-Jones · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 1 like
Thank you @Joey Angotti - it’s a real treat to see Witherfist in this thread, at last :)
9lfyrpph Lena (Helena and Malena) · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 1 like
Thanks for a great update, Joey! This last week was crazy for both of us at work because SF had Litquake (a big literary festival all over the city) but we got to talk about Inkshares at a great YA panel in SF and it was energizing to hear questions from readers who love fantasy and sci-fi and writing. People are really excited to hear about this platform and community!
Img 2511 Jane-Holly Meissner · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 1 like
Couldn’t wait for this week’s list so we could see @J. Graham-Jones in the top 10. Awesome!
Ql2caeeh Allison Griner · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 1 like
One of the first things I did when I got finished with my maid of honor duties this weekend was come check to see if you had your weekly write up tossed up here. You never fail to brighten my week, Joey. Thank you so much for all that you do!
Ty0a6epntatahkjz4zl2 Joey Angotti · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 4 likes

(Long post, Wall-o’-text incoming)

[It’s important to note that this takes a bit of time to write and all numbers and placements are based on where everyone is when I write this. It may be different now but it should be close.]


You can view last weeks here: The Story So Far Part 10

Welcome back to The Story So Far, my name is @Joey Angotti  and I’ll be your guide for this evening. There are 17 days(including this one) left in this contest. Yeah, that’s an actual fact. The 3 months this contest ran for have literally flew by and we are in the final stretch. There will only be two more of The Story So Far(and maybe a wrap up edition) before this contest ends and things have calmed down quite a bit for now. That’s not to say that there are still some exciting things happening and potential for last minute surges. The most exciting things happening right now are that there are quite a few of the Top 10 who have already hit quill, so even if they don’t make the Top 3 we’ll be getting their amazing titles regardless and the other exciting thing is a new face entering into the Top 10 to shake things up a bit! Time to break all of that down!

10. Chronicles of An Domhan by @Conri  (107 Readers / Last Week’s Rank: 9th)

Chronicles of An Domhan by Conri remains at 107 readers and falls to the 10th spot this week. With little-to-no changes over the last 3 weeks, Chronicles of An Domhan is in danger of falling out of the Top 10 after a fast surge into the Top 10 ranks a few weeks back. I still feel like it’s a fascinating story and book worth exploring, it’s a shame that the campaign has come to somewhat of a halt. There are 173 followers, 129 preorders and 107 unique readers interested, so I don’t think this is the last we will see of this title… But it’s also in danger of being the last time we see it on The Story So Far.

9. Witherfist by @J. Graham-Jones  (124 Readers / Last Week’s Rank: N/A)
Witherfist by J. Graham-Jones comes in at #9 this week and it’s a pleasure to welcome her to the Top 10 Ranks, as well as The Story So Far. I’ve been following this campaign for quite some time because I knew that Ms. Graham-Jones was close to cracking into the Top 10 and I had a feeling that I would be writing about her work sooner or later. Her updates have been interesting and provide a ton of insight on her book and the world of Witherfist. I invite you all to first go look at the actual book page because it’s full of character art and even more details about the book. I’ll share some info through Ms. Graham-Jones own words about the book here to give you all a taste:

“The true name of a demon is inked into her flesh. To return to her daughter and home, the warrior Irusai must break the binding the ink has created. In doing so, she will ally with a princess in exile and together bring justice to the Last Empire.“

This is literally the tiniest tease imaginable for the large scale epicness that sums up Witherfist. You should all go view the page and you will know what I’m talking about. This is a gigantic endeavor that the main characters are facing here and it is executed to perfection in the chapters provided so far. The book follows multiple character’s viewpoints(think Game of Thrones) and delivers on every single one. You will easily get caught up in the story and Ms. Graham-Jones writing style that by the end of what’s provided you’ll be begging for more. Pro Tip: Great way to beg for more is to hit that little preorder button in the top right corner of her page. Go check it out!

8. The Delicate Art of Soulripping by @Sara  (128 Readers / Last Week’s Rank: 8th)
The Delicate Art of Soulripping by Sara Polk continues to hold on to the 8th place spot as it picks up 3 more unique readers from last week. I’ve expressed my feelings towards Oz and his story, masterfully crafted by Ms. Polk as one of the darkest, creepiest and most intriguing stories in the Top 10. If you have been waiting to check this story out, now is the time to stop doing that and go view it and experience it for yourself. This is a book not to be missed!

7. The Living God by @Kaytalin Platt (153 Readers / Last Week’s Rank: 7th)
The Living God by Kaytalin Platt is one of those campaigns that is exciting to follow as well as super helpful to all of those involved. Before I get to what I mean, it’s extremely important to note that The Living God is just 20 preorders shy of hitting quill and helping Ms. Platt achieve her goals. Let’s make sure we’re helping her out as much as possible to ensure that she gets published even if she doesn’t crack the Top 3! Now, back to my original point which pretty much coincides with us helping her achieve quill - if you preorder one copy of The Living God, Ms. Platt’s super nice friend Kathy(No last name provided, not sure if she’s on the site but - Hi Kathy!) will Review and Copy Edit a 4(ish) page excerpt of your choice! She’ll also provide feedback on what technical issues she observed and what needs fixing. Preorder 5 copies of The Living God and she’ll do the same for a 20(ish) page excerpt. 10 preorders? She will review a 60(ish) page manuscript of your choice, give you the copy edit and feedback treatment, give you a phone call with a more detailed breakdown of your work and you’ll be featured in Ms. Platt’s Reader Updates.

As someone with a self-published book on Amazon, I can tell you that this is an absolute STEAL. Copy editing of any kind is often extremely expensive and easily one of the most frustrating steps of the book making process. This is a deal that you want to pounce on as soon as possible, you will save yourself so much time and money as well as get the professional feedback you need to make your book the best it can be. If you want more details or to view the information in an easier to read format - go check out Ms. Platt’s comment section. She has had literally the best incentives all contest long and this is the best one yet on a website for upcoming authors. Don’t let this one pass you by!

6. The Last Faoii by @Tahani Nelson  (180 Readers / Last Week’s Rank: 6th)
As of this writing, The Last Faoii by Tahani Nelson is only 17 preorders away from reaching quill! This is a huge testament to her amazingly strong following as the unique reader count and the preorder count just continue to climb as the contest nears its end. Let’s all work together to help Ms. Nelson achieve her goal! By this time next week there could be over half of the Top 10 hitting the quill goal and that benefits everyone! Inkshares, us all as readers and writers, as well as those readers outside of Inkshares who will get to experience these books. Ms. Nelson continues to run a strong campaign with character art, amazing author comments on her book page and some of the most detailed descriptions on her pages. Please check it out if you haven’t already! While you’re there, at least read Chapter 1 and immerse yourself in the world of The Last Faoii, it’s an amazing ride!

5. A Light in the Void by @J. S. Chlapowski  (188 Readers / Last Week’s Rank 5th)
A Light in the Void by J.S. Chlapowski remains at 5th place, but it doesn’t mean that Mr. Chlapowski hasn’t been busy. Jumping up 30 unique readers from last week this late in the game is a huge step and if Mr. Chlapowski can keep up at this pace he may be able to contest one of the Top 3 spots by the end of this contest. It’s also important to note that he is less than 50 preorders away from hitting quill! Be sure to check out his page and help him reach his goals!  

4. The Fairy Stepmother, Inc. by @Maggie Hoyt  (220 Readers / Last Week’s Rank: 4th)
What a journey. This has been one of my favorite books(and favorite people!) to follow in this contest thus far since she broke into the Top 10, then briefly out, then right back in and never looked back. The Fairy Stepmother, Inc. by Maggie Hoyt is at exactly 250 preorders as I write this. Ms. Hoyt has hit quill! I am so excited for her and her campaign and this tremendous milestone! The Fairy Stepmother, Inc. will be published but Ms. Hoyt’s work isn’t done just yet. Reaching the Top 3 or hitting 750 preorders is not impossible and I know she will continue to run an exciting campaign until the end of this contest(and beyond). Let’s make sure we congratulate her on her achievement and help support her future goals as well!  

3. Storm Song by @Allison Griner  (280 Readers / Last Week’s Rank: 3rd)

Storm Song by Allison Griner is at 280 unique readers and 308 preorders! This campaign is full of amazingly talented writers with unique and fascinating stories and it’s safe to say that Storm Song has been at the heart of this contest the whole way through. As we enter the final push of this contest, Ms. Griner’s novel is only 8 away from 2nd place and has spent plenty of time in the #1 spot throughout. The top novels in this contest are all contenders for the 750 preorder goal and with quill under her belt now, Ms. Griner can safely charge ahead for that and a Top 3 finish. She’s pushing for 300 unique readers by the end of the month and she’s just 20 shy of that. Her Dice Giveaway Contest came to an end yesterday with the winners to be determined when she gets back from a wedding, so look forward to that! While you’re at it, hop on over and check out Storm Song if you haven’t yet!

2. The Slave Prince by @Jeyna Grace  (288 Readers / Last Week’s Rank: 2nd)
The Slave Prince by Jeyna Grace has also been along for this campaign/contest journey for quite some time. I’ve said quite a lot about my respect and sheer excitement for Ms. Grace and her writing. I just want to take some time to mention the uniqueness of her epic giveaway collaborations! Last week I mentioned she was giving away “The Coma,” a horror game on Steam to 3 lucky readers. This week she announced she will be helping support her favorite indie band(and vice versa) “Relent” and their new album “Coming of Age.” Everyone who preorders The Slave Prince will receive a copy of their new single, “Good Vibrations,” and three lucky readers will receive the entire album for free. This is a really awesome giveaway concept and I love the collaboration Ms. Grace has had with fellow authors and now her favorite indie band. It’s really a unique spin on her campaign and I highly recommend going to check out her author page.

While you’re there, don’t forget to read the actual comments themselves as she continues to provide great dictionary definitions of powerful words that tie in perfectly to what she’s talking about or promoting.  

1. Sparked by @Lena (Helena and Malena)   (408 Readers / Last Week’s Rank: 1st)
Sparked by Helena Echlin and Malena Watrous has been the unstoppable powerhouse of the contest for a little over a month now and it seems like they might have lost some steam. It doesn’t really matter as they are practically uncatchable at this point, but it should also be noted that even though they only rose 7 unique readers from last week, they have jumped a substantial amount on their quest for 750 preorders. Last week I mentioned they were at 619, but they are now at 635. We’d be contributing to Inkshares history if we could help them get to 750 preorders by the end of the contest. I imagine no Top 3 finishing contestant has managed to hit both the quill and 750 preorder goal throughout a single contest. Not to mention this is a campaign that started on September 1st and has already reached these milestones in such a short time.

I’ve mentioned before the amount of help these two lovely ladies provide to the writing community and they do even more than we know behind the scenes. Let’s make sure we’re giving them our support as well as this contest comes to a close and acknowledge and congratulate their amazing milestones and victories!


We’re in the home stretch. I’ve mentioned a lot of people are probably pulling at their very last resources and it’s making these a bit harder to do with lack of stuff to work with, lol. There will most likely only be two more editions of The Story So Far, but I want to thank everyone for their continued support, ideas, shares and comments. I’m hoping to do this with the next contest and the contests that follow as well, so if anyone has any more feedback or ideas to spice this up a bit for the next go(or the last two weeks), I’m all ears. Feel free to message me on here or reach out on Twitter(@SoldiersCrest).  I’m also hoping to do a final wrap-up of the contest when it’s all said and done that will most likely just include the winners since it might be difficult to get a concrete final Top 10 once the main page of the contest updates.


*I’m not sure people who aren’t tagged are even reading this or slightly interested. Also, people not using the forums enough could not be seeing this as well. Any and all extra exposure of this forum post would be appreciated!(It’s a lot of work to not be seen by more people on the site!) - A mention on your books page or more comments could keep this afloat and make sure more people see this post - therefore more exposure and good things for your entry! Plus it might get more people involved on the forums which is good for Inkshares as a whole, imo.*


Shameless Plug: I’m now at 27 reviews on Amazon! I also know that there should be a 28th one going up soon that I suppose just wasn’t approved yet, but I know another one is coming! I would have hit my goal of 30 but Amazon took two reviews down for some reason(still trying to figure this out lol) but hopefully they will add them back. If not, maybe I can get some more help right here on Inkshares to reach my goal! It really helps me out and helps me get more exposure on Amazon.

I also want to mention that if you’re starving for more preorders, I’m also willing to preorder your book a second time if you buy my E-Book on Amazon. It’s not a bad deal for you all, especially if you’ve hit quill or are close to hitting quill. The review costs you nothing, the E-Book is only $8.99(the book is pretty good too!) and I’ll be giving you two preorders($20 value). The review is easy to see once it pops up, but just let me know in a Direct Message if you’ve purchased the E-book. Easy way to get 2 preorders! :)

Thanks to everyone that has written a review or supported, you’re all amazing and fantastic. Even if you didn’t leave a review or support - you’re still cool. Much love!

A Soldier’s Crest

Lastly I want to thank Inkshares for making this site and giving aspiring authors like us a chance to share our stories. I also want to thank all the Inksharians, especially those in the Top 10, for giving me some interesting stories to read and write about.



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