Finally published my Inkshares novel, Chuck Steak, a '90s action hero thriller set in modern day

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Cool Cover!
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Hey everyone! Been a very long time, but I finally published my Inkshares book and figured I’d drop by to share the good news. I made two really good friends on here who helped me stay the course off-site after traditional publishing and all the politics involved nearly killed my passion for writing. Because of that, I’d like to encourage anybody who’s struggling to keep going, write for yourself, and let your emotions fuel your projects. It will pay dividends, and no matter how your project sees the light of day, know that finishing it is a feat to be grateful for!

If any old pals who were previously interested in my project are still hanging around, or new ones are certainly welcome as well, I’d love some support! Just released my book yesterday on Amazon. Here’s the summary:

A satirical novel about a white action hero cop who gets a black hand transplant and experiences a new villain: racism. Written by a pissed-off, struggling author, about overcoming egotistical industry gatekeepers and learning to love writing again. 

Here’s the Inkshare page:

And here’s the link to the Kindle version:

Thanks and best of luck!