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Created over 2 years ago by Maggie Hoyt with 2 comments
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Ty0a6epntatahkjz4zl2 Joey Angotti · Author · added over 2 years ago
Hello Maggie!

Welcome to the site! I think you’re going to love it here and entering a contest like this to start off your journey with inkshares is a great way to get engaged. I’m still relatively new to the site myself, but I can share my current ideas with sharing the content of my books with you.

I feel like it’s important to keep in mind that this is a fairly long campaign you have ahead of you(3 months) but at the same time be prepared for it to feel like it’s moving fast. With each preorder the competition receives, it feels like more and more pressure is falling on you to do more with your project. Don’t become overwhelmed by these things! Instead you need to focus on the idea of your book and what many consider the "hustle" of promoting your book. Focus more on promoting the idea of your book in comparison to the actual content. It sounds crazy, since this site and the contest is all about the writing aspect, but the promoting game is where it’s really at.

So to back-track to your original concern/question: Release the content whenever you feel like releasing more content. I personally am basing my recent campaign and entry into the Geek and Sundry contest off preorders. Every 10 or so preorders I plan on releasing a new Chapter for those interested in the actual writing. I have a lot of content ready already so if you don’t have that many chapters ready for the public eye then pace it a little further. Maybe do every 20 preorders, or every 30 even. Just always keep in mind that for these contests and your goal to hitting quill, the idea often out-weights the content here. (Not to say you shouldn’t be churning out work you’re proud of, but it’s all about the game and how you play it in the end!)

For non-contest related work: Release what you feel like releasing. With the contest aspect out of the way, you have more choices are far as what you want to do. If you’re satisfied with the chapter and edited enough of it for it to be ready to be presented to the public, then why not upload it? If it features a huge plot twist or spoiler - then hold off on releasing any more chapters and instead focus more on the comments section beneath your campaign. Use the comments section to interact with your followers and release info on characters, plot and your plans for the future of your works.

Again, I’m still relatively new here so take this advice as you will but either way I hope you enjoy your stay here!

-Joseph Angotti
Film festival %282%29 Maggie Hoyt · Author · edited over 2 years ago · 1 like
Hi, everyone!

So I’m new here, and I just put up my book for the Geek and Sundry Contest. I love the idea of this site, and I’m looking forward to meeting and talking to people.

First, if you want to take a look at me, I won’t complain.

Second, I have a question for you all about balancing how you release new excerpts. How often? How much? I mean, a) you want feedback, and b) you want people to stay interested and excited, but c) you’ve got to leave some surprises, right?

I have quite a bit written, and much of it is even okay to be seen, but as the days go by, I’d like to strike the right balance.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! And let’s be honest, advice for a new community member in general would be appreciated.