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Lxftacps Brian Marsden · Author · edited almost 3 years ago
@Christopher Huang Thank you.  I see how to post a draft now. Duh.
I created OoOoEep as a place holder sort of. I was just nosing around the site to see what it was like. OoOoEep was created as a spoof (I do have a similar idea I might replace it with though.). I totally spaced on how I did it.
Portrait Christopher Huang · Author · added almost 3 years ago
@Nitte We may be wandering away from Fantasy territory here, but looking back at my stories, I notice that a rather large number of them turn out to be manslaughter at best, or "heat of the moment" things. Not too many cold-blooded, premeditated murders. And also, I don’t know that the murderer in a murder mystery is necessarily the villain of the piece. Mystery stories don’t really require antagonists: they only require the need to uncover truth.

I suppose the messed up characters in "Game of Thrones" actually belong to the soap opera aspect. I’m not sure that they would work in shorter, single-volume books; but when we get to these multi-volume epics, it feels natural to me to want characters with multiple Personality Issues. In order to carry multiple books, perhaps. With relatively normal, well-adjusted characters, you start to run out of character traits to investigate.
Portrait Christopher Huang · Author · edited almost 3 years ago
@Nitte You want to turn your Idea into a Draft. There should be a "Create Draft" option up in the top right of the screen on your project’s page. I notice that you have a non-public Draft called "OoOoEep"? So you probably already know how to do this.

You can Edit your project (again, an option up in the top right of the screen) and insert the writing sample into the space provided. Honestly, it’s been a while (haha, three weeks) so I don’t remember if the space is automatically provided or if you have to push any buttons at this point. I do know that if you want to add further chapters, there’s a big box with a big plus sign that you have to click to get another writing sample space.
Lxftacps Brian Marsden · Author · added almost 3 years ago
Hey Guys, I need to post up a writing sample on my book. Do I just do it as a Comment on my own project or is there a special way to add it?
Lxftacps Brian Marsden · Author · added almost 3 years ago
@Richard Heinz That sounds like it might be a good story. But the villain has to be semi-competent to survive long, plus like Machiavelli said - a little ruthlessness helps keep lackeys in line.

@Christopher Huang I’m a big fan of the Glen Cook and "The Black Company". In the beginning of that series they are hired to work for the "evil overlord" only to discover that she’s not that evil, and the rebels are far more vicious. The theme is really that even the bad guy thinks he’s doing right. So they’re not so much petting puppies as thinking that by killing everyone in the village they are saving the rest of their kingdom from the dangers of war. The grey zone is still mostly dark, unless you look at it through there eyes.

I supposed that is the challenge of mystery writing. How do you make a murderer seem normal if not sympathetic. If the murder stays around, they must think that they were either so clean at it that they are above suspicion, or failing that, they were justified in what they did.

There’s a half step in there where you can try to frame another person, I suppose. Who do you pick to frame?
Do you plan something a head of time or do you spontaneously leave the murder weapon in a coat in the hall. That can be a hard personality to write.

It’s weird to me that so many top fantasy books are the epic genre. Game of Thrones is a good story, (I haven’t read the books, only watched it) but it suffers from the my earlier complaint too. Almost all the characters aren’t just flawed. Many are downright messed up. I don’t think there are many normal people in that world and those that are get killed off left and right. It’s just hard to imagine the peasants not revolting when so many of their leaders are obvious jerks. Obvious jerks that will get their town invaded and all of them slaughtered.
Picture Rick Heinz · Author · added almost 3 years ago
GAH. I don’t mean to plug much, but... @Nitte I sat down to write that world of moral grey, with Villains who are trying to save the world, and Hero’s are there to call out the absurdity. They rise from every day ranks. Granted it’s Urban Fantasy, but I spent a lot of time, making sure that my villain plots could not be foiled by a 3 year old. I also find it fun to write things in a fashion where the villain could ACTUALLY be the Hero and Vice Versa. 

Also, I think you find this more common in Modern Fantasy than in Epic Fantasy genres. Part of that is because it’s more fun to imagine being someone of a long lost royal bloodline than it is to be Zeb the Pig Farmer. In modern fantasy, it’s a lot easier to relate to the retail employee who uncovers something... because most of us have been that person. 
Portrait Christopher Huang · Author · edited almost 3 years ago · 1 like
Heh, I don’t know, seems to me that fantasy and sci-fi are so ubiquitous that everywhere not explicitly labelled otherwise is part of the fantasy/sci-fi community forum....

Back when Livejournal first came out, a friend of mine started one up for an evil overlord persona. It was interesting primarily for a "this is how it’s done" perspective and for its humour; I don’t know if it could have sustained a whole book, but that just means I personally haven’t thought of a way to do it. You might.

Thing is, though, villains are supposed to be that which we as a society emphatically Do Not Want. In order to keep a reader’s interest, you risk making your villain protagonist character so sympathetic that the reader winds up rooting for them all the way, and do you really want the implications of that? Alternatively, they might wind up "petting the dog" so often that they cease to be villains altogether.

A moral grey zone might be the way to go. I haven’t read any of the "Game of Thrones" series, but I get the impression (all my friends are geeks) that’s pretty much what Mr. Martin did there.

I’m kind of married to the mystery (real world setting) genre right now, but I have had a fantasy setting in mind for the longest time. It involves someone claiming to be the long-lost High King of a fantasy kingdom, and the reactions of the feudal dukes who have no intention of giving up their power. The key point is that it is never made clear whether the so-called High King’s claim is legit: he could be the real thing; or he could be a pretender; or he could simply be mistaken. And if he isn’t the legitimate High King, what if he’s still the best thing for the kingdom right now? Would the dukes be the good guys or the bad guys for opposing him?
Lxftacps Brian Marsden · Author · added almost 3 years ago
So the Inkshares Guide to Crowdfunding says "Step 1 : Build Community". Which left me somewhat surprised that there wasn’t a Forum Community for Fantasy fans to be harassed by authors looking for their support.

Sure we could go to Goodreads, but there are already a bah-gillion groups there and many don’t like you trying to pitch your novel there. So I figured I’d try for something here. After all I got a book to pitch, and a desire to see what other kinds of stories people want to hear next. (In case no one likes mine.)

So I’ll start...

I’m tired of stories where the villain is all ready about to stomp all the nearby kingdoms, and where, of all the people that live there, the only one that save the world is the long forgotten somebody of special lineage.

First off, that’s very nepotistic isn’t it. ONLY the one with royal blood can stop them. Talk about a inherent prejudice for the monarchy. "If we get rid of the king no one can save us!" That’s just what the tyrants want you to believe.

Second, how come no one seemed to notice that little Edgar Darkfingers was going to be trouble when he was fifteen and torturing ducks? Where were the parents? It takes a lot of people looking the other way for little Edgar to grow up and become the All Powerful Dominator of The Dark Hills. Where’s a bully when you need one.

You would have hoped that somewhere along the way, while hiring the bandits to help him find the Orb of Command, the bandits would have thought- "I know he promised us a lot of gold, but this guy is weirder than Pervy Pete, and we killed of Pervy Pete. Should we really be helping this Edgar fellow?"

That might be a pretty interesting story. Some hopeful evil overlord plotting his rise to power while trying to keep his thugs from realizing he isn’t all powerful yet. He has to pretend he cares about them, and isn’t planning to turn them into undead warriors, while dealing with their laziness, boozing and insubordination.

That might be fun write someday.

What sez you?