Encouraging Pre-orders

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Close up A.C. Weston · Author · edited about 3 years ago · 1 like
I’d recommend going through the update history of some of the successful books - the ones that have succeeded in the current conditions would be most applicable to you.

Check out Dax Harrison, U-Turn at Next Synapse, and The Bones of the Past for starters. :)
Img 0137 p bw C. Brennecke · Author · edited about 3 years ago · 2 likes
A lot of people offer "rewards" for hitting certain pre-order marks. ex) New chapter for every 20 orders, GC raffles for hitting 100 orders, etc.
Whether or not these tactics help, is hard to say. I imagine a lot of it depends on how well they broadcast it. Sometimes it’s a matter of having something to say that draws attention more than anything else.

As far as tips go, checking out the goodreads forum is a great start, and I’ll add:

Check out the Inkshare’s Crowdfunding Guide: http://blog.inkshares.com/post/112695045510/the-inkshares-6-step-guide-to-crowdfunding-your

Study a few of the successful projects. See if you can follow them on twitter or facebook and dig up old posts to see how they marketed themselves. A lot of people info-dumped on goodreads shortly after the Nerdist competition, so find the posts from that time and see what other tactics they shared.
Profile8 Michael Sebby · Author · added about 3 years ago
@Mark, there are many different approaches to crowdfunding on Inkshares. All authors have different strategies, and it’s easy to get lost in the fray if you don’t know where to start. Trust me, all of us fellow authors have been there. So the answer to your question is not simple.

Giving your novel away for free is certainly not ideal, and I’d advise against it. You want to give your readers a taste of your work, enough to intrigue them.

I feel like since this thread is posted in the ’Ask Inkshares’ section, I’m already speaking out of turn. But covering all strategies in this particular thread might not be the best place, as this channel is primarily for Inkshares staff to answer specific questions about processes and policies.

Perhaps posting in the ’General’ section asking for advice from fellow authors to improve your strategy would be a good place to start.

The best advice I can give is to get involved in the Inkshares community with other authors, and you’ll begin to pick up on what other people are doing. Networking is key, whether it’s among other authors, or your personal contacts.

In addition to the Inkshares forums here, there is a wealth of information already available in the Goodreads forums for Inkshares authors. I invite you to come take a look around and get acquainted with our growing community. You can learn so much from what’s out there right now if you browse the discussion threads there:


I wish you best of luck!
Wp4 Mark Anthony Ciccone · Author · added about 3 years ago
Thanks, Michael. I’ve posted a major chunk of my work as of this time--probably as much as two-thirds--and I’m reluctant to post any more if the count doesn’t change as a result, or not in a measurable way; otherwise I’ll be posting the entire novel for free. I understand that recommendations and reviews can help boost a draft, but none of those have been coming my way either, of late (I confess, I haven’t posted much myself, mainly due to being buried in my own draft and work; something I intend to change). Any that I made would of course be genuine; in fact I have a backlog of works on this site I intend to review, once I have the chance and time to read them all.

At the moment, though, I’m drawing a blank on how else I can get notice out about this work (without cost, that is). I have an author page and Wordpress blog, but views have been sparse, and notices of new chapters or other work haven’t improved this. One idea that’s come to mind is making excerpts or whole versions of a couple other short works I’ve finished (and am not 100% about publishing) available for those who pre-order, or after a certain number are made. Any thoughts from you, or anyone else on Inkshares?
Profile8 Michael Sebby · Author · added about 3 years ago
Hi @Mark, I don’t necessarily think there’s a rule against that, BUT, if you’re going that route, it’s encouraged to make any feedback via recommendations, reviews, snippets, etc. to be genuine. If Inkshares has a specific rule against that, I’ll let one of them comment on this thread to address this.

If you’re trading content, that one’s really up to you, since it’s your material. If a person wants to read more of your work before placing a pre-order, you can send them whatever you want. And it’s worth considering posting another sample chapter on your Inkshares page if that person digs what you sent them to the point of pre-ordering, because perhaps other people will love it too and follow suit!

Hope that helps.
Wp4 Mark Anthony Ciccone · Author · added about 3 years ago
Is there any rule against encouraging pre-orders by offering recommendations, reviews, specific types of excerpts of your work (paragraphs, sections, chapters, and including from other drafts not on Inkshares) in exchange for people pre-ordering? I understand the various ways the site offers  to help with orders, but my campaign has been slow so far, and I’m looking for any (permissible) ways to boost my count.