Draft has a funding deadline

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Screen shot 2018 10 22 at 10.04.47 am Elena Stofle · Inksharesian · edited 11 months ago

Hi @Terence E.H. Vickers 

The deadline associated with your draft is just a placeholder, it doesn’t mean anything until you start selling pre-orders. From then on, you have 90 days to reach 750 pre-orders. No one can purchase a pre-order until you click the button “Start Selling Pre-orders” on your dashboard. It is really up to you when the 90 days starts. 

Img 20161217 193106 054 Terence E.H. Vickers · Author · edited 11 months ago
I have the same question. In the terms it says and I quote:

"You must designate the minimum amount you wish to raise (the “Minimum Goal”) and the date by which you seek to raise these funds (the “Closing Date”). "

 I did not designate a goal or a closing date nor a starting date. The instant I started my project, before I had even written a title I all of a sudden have a minimum goal and a closing date which I will not honour, So Joeph Terzieva and A.C. Weston take note that I consider having this deadline and goal imposed upon me a breach of Inkshares terms of service.
@Elena Stofle perhaps you could share with us exactly where it is we go to "DESIGNATE" the "Minimum Goal" The "Closing Date" and the date when I start "Selling Preorders". The way you said it anybody could in effect "Buy a Preorder" without my knowledge, thereby locking me in to the preset goal and deadline.    
Screen shot 2018 10 22 at 10.04.47 am Elena Stofle · Inksharesian · added about 1 year ago
@Clarence Harper There is no deadline until you start selling pre-orders, then you have 90 days to reach your goal. You can ignore that date, it will update once your start your campaign. Sorry for the confusion!
Userphoto9 original Clarence Harper · Reader · added about 1 year ago
Hi everyone. I didn’t find anything to clear this up searching the forum, but if this has been covered before, I apologize.

I just set up my project today, December 7th. My novella "On Both Banks" is a draft while I get my social networking set up. I have not pulled the trigger on selling pre-orders, yet the project dashboard says I have a funding deadline of March 7th.

I didn’t think there was a timeline on your project until you start selling. What happens when March 7th comes along if I haven’t started selling preorders?
If I start selling pre-orders in Feburary, is the campaign 90 days from there, or have I just squandered 60 days?

Thanks in advance!