DM issues?

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Imgp6683 Susan K. Hamilton · Author · added almost 2 years ago

I just wanted to throw this out there -- and @Elena Stofle has gotten a few emails from me on this, so sorry for beating the proverbial dead horse.

I continue to have issues sending DMs on the site. I will start a new DM to send to a new follower for example, but my  message will not only go to that person (sometimes multiple times), but it also sometimes gets inserted into the most recent DM exchange I had with someone else.

Does anyone else have this issue? And any suggestions to get around it?

I have a MacBook at home but primarily access the DMs during lunch breaks at work, which means I use my work laptop for that (which is running IE 11).


(maybe it is this computer; I also find that when I’m on the work computer, I consistently have issues using the search function on Inkshares.)