Deleting credit card information?

Created almost 3 years ago by Nicola Sarjeant with 3 comments
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Userphoto9 original Lucian Smith · Reader · added 5 months ago
Please add a way to remove credit card information!  I don’t want Stripe to keep that information, either.
Img 0366 Thad Woodman · Inksharesian · added almost 3 years ago
Hi @Nicola Sarjeant , there currently isn’t a way to delete your credit card information (I should note that since we use Stripe, no sensitive credit card information is stored on our servers).

You can edit your credit card during the checkout process by clicking the ’change’ text on the credit card page like so:


Note that if you are making the purchase with credits, you’ll bypass this page and go straight to the review page.

Hope this helps!
11822672 10153561216304433 2908637650851023738 n Nicola Sarjeant · Reader · edited over 2 years ago · 2 likes
How can I change or delete my credit card information?