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Created 3 months ago by Mia Carter with 4 comments
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Img 20160806 023915 Luke Fellner · Author · added 8 days ago
I haven’t considered Facebook yet, but I’d say putting the cover of your book as that top banner picture. I’m sure posting quotes from your book on a regular basis will really help.
Userphoto7 original Reader Writer · Reader · edited 8 days ago
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35434221 10216932219082941 3867770766200143872 n Andrew Hennis · Author · added about 2 months ago
I’m actually planning to do something very similar since one of my friends convinced me to do so, so I’d also greatly appreciate any advice that anyone has on this topic!
Head shot Mia Carter · Author · edited 22 days ago · 1 like
Hello! I am going to create a Facebook page under my pen name for my book. Does any one have tips and ideas on how to make it look? What to say? Anything that helps generate pre-orders???? Thank you!!!!