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So @Christopher Preiman and I get A LOT of questions about all of our art. Let me shed some light on things; YES this is all original Concept Art designed to help promote our book and universe. No, neither Chris nor I am traditional artists. This was work I hired out to a couple of amazingly talented artists. By trade I am a 3D modeler and UI/UX Designer and am in social cliche’s that bring me within proximity of some truly gifted people.  These are people I consider close friends and just as big of contributors to the universe of The Amaranth Chronicles as Chris and I. :)

I had three main concept Artists:

 Alexey Yakovlev

He produce the majority of the art including the cover, Storm Chaser, Amaranth, Lithia, Aurelius and Torque.

Fan Zhang

Produced all of the U.P.E vessels most of which the public hasn’t seen yet. ;)

Wing Jong

She produced the Character Art for Cade.