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Up till now, we had the perception that if we study for at least 8 or 10 hours, then only it will be calculated as a form of study

We even make time tables to achieve like “10 hours of aim” to study

Like 2 hours of studying English, then reasoning, analytics etc.

Yes, little do we realize that our mind can only study for 4 hours

And I didn’t count time to writing. This blog makes it easy for you and reviews services

Yes, after that, it tends to get swayed and gets tired.

Userphoto6 original Reader Writer · Reader · added 5 months ago
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35434221 10216932219082941 3867770766200143872 n Andrew Hennis · Author · added about 1 year ago
Hello all! 
I’m a relatively new author with admittedly very few reader-related connections, so I was curious if anyone had tips and tricks to gain more traffic towards my project and hopefully support this thing that I have a great passion for.
Thank you for any and all advice!