Bookshelf is down. Estimation on when it will be back up?

Created 14 days ago by Kaytalin Platt with 4 comments
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Kpphoto Kaytalin Platt · Author · edited about 3 hours ago · 1 like
Yes! Thank you! 
Profilepic Elena Stofle · Inksharesian · edited 6 days ago · 1 like
Hi @Kaytalin Platt It is back up!
2016 10 20 11.42.09 1 Kelly Welch · Reader · added 11 days ago
I have been wondering the same.  Will this be fixed soon?
Kpphoto Kaytalin Platt · Author · added 14 days ago

When I go to Bookshelf I get this message:

Temporarily Down for Maintenance
We are experiencing temporary errors with the sales and financial statistics. We are working to resolve these issues and will report back soon on when the bugs have been resolved. -Inkshares

Any ideas on when we will be able to access the Bookshelf again?