Book not appearing in Search?

Created 10 months ago by Sammy Wilsmore with 5 comments
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Pic222 Chris Picone · Author · added 9 months ago
Appears to be working now - thanks for fixing it, magical Inkshare elves!
Pic222 Chris Picone · Author · edited 9 months ago
Hi, @Elena Stofle I haven’t been on Inkshares for quite 24 hours yet but I’ve got ~6 followers and a few pre-sales, and neither my book nor my profile seem to be appearing in the search either?
Sammy photo Sammy Wilsmore · Author · added 10 months ago
@Elena Stofle Thank you for letting me know! Hopefully I’ll get to 2 soon :)
20800051 10154904360058634 481838643385855497 n Elena Stofle · Inksharesian · added 10 months ago
Hi @Sammy Wilsmore You need more than 2 followers, I believe, for your book to show up in the search. 
Sammy photo Sammy Wilsmore · Author · edited 10 months ago
Hello! I’ve had my book up for a week or more now, and I’ve had fun sharing it outside of Inkshares, but I’ve noticed that it doesn’t appear on the search? Does it take a while to update to show on search? How long roughly does it normally take if so?

Thanks for your help in advance!