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2323cfc06e3f05a09a48597d68f0d6f2 Erik Prefer · Author · added about 2 years ago
I just started using Inkshares and was wondering if I could find some people who would want to take a look at my short story: Northern Terror.

If you like fantasy books and/or Dungeons and Dragons, I think you’ll enjoy it.
18278952 10105531439962004 7699412381249820269 o Evan Graham · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 2 likes
I imagine most reviewers don’t accept self-published works because of the perception that most of them are unpolished and of poor overall quality. Which has a definite basis in fact; these days you can get self-published in minutes if you go to the right (or wrong places) and the lack of quality control means there’s a lot of crap out there. If I was a reviewer, I wouldn’t want to waste my time on a book that could be absolute drivel.
I don’t think that does a fair service to the ones that stand out, though. Plus, though many self-publishing firms are vanity presses that will print absolutely anything without caring about the quality of the content, some do have decent quality control, and offer at least basic editing services to bring their books to a minimum level of quality.
Quill definitely does. The crowdfunding model alone serves as a quality control measure; good luck getting 250 people to buy a book full of basic grammar and storytelling flaws. Not to say that hasn’t happened, but that’s why even Quill books get some help with editing.
I’ve read enough inkshares books now that I’ve found ones I like and ones I don’t like, but never have I read one that seemed unworthy of published status. I can’t see why any respectable reviewer would have a problem with the books we produce.
Dsc00487   copy Craig A. Munro · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 3 likes
I stumbled across a couple really good lists of reviewers, one of which was entirely dedicated to reviewers who accept self pub and indi books. Some of the links were dead or abandoned but I found some good stuff on it - I’ll dig up the link and post it here.

Ni svmyv Liz Kerin · Author · added about 2 years ago
Following along with this! Great question.
Dsc 00352 square Kaytalin Platt · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 4 likes
I’ve been doing research on submitting my book to fantasy book bloggers for review. However, I’ve mostly come across bloggers who refuse to take self-published or independent press books. I’m not exactly sure where Inkshares Quill falls into this. 

Any advice on locating book bloggers for fantasy books and/or locating reviewers for the book? 

I’m also considering starting a book review blog of my own for Inkshares and other independent press authors. I wonder if a lot of bloggers have stopped accepting manuscripts from self-published authors because they are inundated with them?