Best/worst forms of procrastination

Created 8 months ago by Quincy Z. Gunderson with 5 comments
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F255c6ea6ba51f97047b06d2d4686203 Benjamin Gray · Author · added 4 months ago
Well, 30 Rock is about to disappear from Netflix. Just enough time to watch the whole series one more time!
Userphoto7 original Corey and Natasha Kern · Author · added 4 months ago
My favorite is to search random things on the internet. Here’s a good one: "Proof of time travel"
27fe5424ca07cb54a91803a77e7bbf1e Quincy Z. Gunderson · Author · added 8 months ago
"Accidentally" clean the house?  That’s funny.  There’s at least a short story right there, I’m sure.  I know what you mean about the cat videos.  Those things multiply like crazy!  

Pic222 Chris Picone · Author · edited 3 months ago · 2 likes
Best procrastination is when I accidentally clean the house or finish up all that stuff I’ve been putting off for days/weeks/months.  I don’t feel so bad then like okay I didn’t get any writing done but at least I caught up on a few things.  Social media procrastination is the worst.  So many cat videos.
27fe5424ca07cb54a91803a77e7bbf1e Quincy Z. Gunderson · Author · added 8 months ago
Even though I know I shouldn’t, I do it anyway.  You probably do, too.  What are your favorite methods of not doing the thing you know you should be doing?  What are the distractions that drive you to distraction?  Which things do you do that you really don’t like, but do anyway?  I’ll start.

Favorite:  I watch some movie or television program that I tell myself is tangentially related research.

Least favorite:  I let myself get drawn into an argument on social media, usually about religion or politics, then refuse to back down until I’ve passed the point of diminishing returns and landed smack dab in the lap of absurdity.  Then I lie to myself that I didn’t enjoy every minute of it.