Best Wishes to Elena!

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098de134cf14fc66a9c66b4f51abf753 Ferd Crôtte · Author · added 5 months ago
Thanks for everything, Elena. Good luck in your future endeavors!
Pacifics first pitch2 Steve Hermanos · Author · added 5 months ago
Dear Elena. Thanks very much for your quick, thoughtful responses! I look forward to reading great things about you in the future!
Zack badge color 2 Z.Z. Traver · Author · added 6 months ago
Thank you Elena. If I can ever be of assistance to you, don’t hesitate. Best of luck with the MBA and what comes next.

Imgp6683 Susan K. Hamilton · Author · added 6 months ago
Sorry to hear you are leaving, Elena. Thank you for all of your help -- and for your patience with all my emails that started with, "So, I have a question..."

But good luck with your MBA!
53001472 10159331410326959 5588966738134827008 o Daniel Lee · Author · edited 6 months ago · 1 like
Good luck, Elena! Thank you for everything.
Ni svmyv Liz Kerin · Author · edited 6 months ago · 3 likes
Thanks for everything, Elena! We so appreciated all your support. :) Best of luck to you!
Picture Adam Gomolin · Inksharesian · edited 5 months ago · 15 likes

Dear Inkshares Community,

After three years, I wanted to let each of you know that Elena Stofle will be leaving the company this week.  

For the past three years, Elena has managed operations at Inkshares.  She single-handedly made sure your books got to backers, to reviewers at places like Publishers Weekly, and to bookstores in time for your events. Elena accomplished all of this with the skill, efficiency, and aplomb she garnered from her time in the United States Air Force.

While it will be difficult to see Elena go, I hope you will each wish her well as she goes on to pursue her MBA full time. And worry not: all books will still get to where they are going!

In the meantime, please address all correspondence to Angela Melamud,  

I look forward to updating you in the near future on some of the people who will be joining the Inkshares team.