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27fe5424ca07cb54a91803a77e7bbf1e Quincy Z. Gunderson · Author · added over 1 year ago
Stanford University’s Continuing Studies program offers a wide variety of online courses in creative writing, as well as several other disciplines.  The courses can be taken for a letter grade, credit/no credit, or no grade.  It’s worth checking out, if you’re curious.

Film festival %282%29 Maggie Hoyt · Author · edited over 1 year ago · 3 likes
Hey, everyone!

So, I just signed up for a course on Coursera that is awesome and could be useful to some people here, so I thought I’d share.

It’s the University of Barcelona’s Magic in the Middle Ages, and you can audit it for free. This session just barely started, so you can get in on it without missing anything.

Feel free to post any other great resources you use to research the unusual topics you write about, from websites to books to whatever.

To motivate you to share, I’ll tell a little story.
A little while back, I was researching how to make brass. (Because it looks like gold, and Fairy Stepmothers sometimes have to make straw look like gold.) I looked everywhere for some kind of tutorial that wasn’t a) Wikipedia or b) a cheesy science teacher, because I needed just a few unusual details that didn’t quite make youtube. I’m combing through my google search, until finally! I spot it, the perfect tutorial on making brass! I click on the link, full of hope, and--

It’s a Minecraft tutorial.

The End.

Anyway, I know I’d love to hear if you’ve found gems, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Happy Writing!
Maggie (The Fairy Stepmother, Inc.)