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Thanks @Evan Graham we are working on a fix
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@Elena Stofle 
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Hi Donna! Thanks for posting these interviews.  They are a wealth of information, and comfort.  I am brand new to crowdfunding a book.  After binge-watching all of your posts, I’ve learned that I made some major missteps already.  Some fixable, most not.  But, I wouldn’t have known what was going on without these inspiring stories from other Inkshares authors.  Thanks to you all!
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Thanks Donna, really looking forward to taking a look at the final (for now) videos. I hope that you can continue these in the future at some point.
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Looks great!  Thanks, Donna!
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The last and final interview of Coming Clean on Crowdfunding is with @Jason Pomerance author of Women Like Us! You can find his interview on Medium HERE, immediately following a list of the ten key lessons I gained from my experiencing interviewing eight of Inkshares’ finest-- @Janna Grace , @Jane-Holly Meissner , @Alastair Luft , @Amanda Orneck , @Jason Pomerance, @Ferd Crôtte, @Evan Graham , @Rick Heinz.


I encourage you to check out what Jason has to say, especially if you’re considering a social responsibility platform (ie. contributing donations from revenue generated by your book sales) to help grow your audience. I’m pausing the generation of new interview resources for now, and am looking forward to evolving the direction and nature of future content based on interest & need. 

Thank you to all for your participation and involvement these past few months! 

As always, questions and comments are welcome. On that note, @Susan Hamilton, you raise a great point. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to pose your question to any of the authors I interviewed.  If anyone has a comment to share on the topic of  generating reviews & recommendations, it would be awesome to hear!

Best of luck!


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Hi Donna, great adds to the series. I just got done listening to the newest additions and the insights from @Alastair Luft , @Amanda Orneck , @Evan Graham , @Ferd Crôtte  and @Rick Heinz are excellent.

I know we are all interested in adding official readers to our lists when we are in funding mode, but reviews and recommendations are important too. In a future video it would be great if someone could talk about that as well -- how do you boost your  numbers in those areas? It is something I’ve struggled with and other ways to approach it would be a topic I’d certainly like to hear about.

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I’ve always wanted to know what crowdfunding authors do to expand their networks. Does stalking people at libraries work? Should I be harassing folks at Starbucks? Or should I try "accidentally" running into readers at Barnes & Noble?

Author of The Seventh Age: Dawn @Rick Heinz answers these questions in his interview, AND tells us how he brought his book-selling game to McDonald’s and his dentist’s office. I can’t say that I’m surprised. He’s sold over 2500 copies, after all. 

His secret? 

I’m just kidding. His secret is this:

The thing that I did is, every single person I talked to I told about the book. - Rick Heinz 

But he elaborates and adds lots of fun detail in his interview, so you should watch anyway. Thanks again @Rick Heinz , it was awesome to chat with you. I count myself as very lucky to have done so!

Comments, questions, etc. are welcome! 

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Need to catch up but looking forward to these new installments!
Me Donna Litt · Author · edited over 2 years ago · 4 likes
Great to hear it @Ryan Cook ! 

I’m really excited about this next video that features @Ferd Crôtte, author of MISSION 51

@Ferd Crôtte is an author who attempted to write his novel while also crowdfunding, and encountered firsthand the crunch that can result. He was running a successful campaign, but when he reached ~180 pre-orders he opted to pull the plug instead of continuing. Like each of the authors who have already shared their stories, his is a unique experience that speaks to what works and what doesn’t work in a crowd-driven publisher campaign!

Thanks again for sharing your experience with us Ferd :) 
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Great stuff! All of these interviews are wonderful!
Me Donna Litt · Author · edited over 1 year ago · 16 likes

"A lot of people when they try this they kind of assume parts of it will take care of themselves. They don’t. You have to pretty much count on manually finding all 250 or 750 pre-orders, yourself, individually. And you have to work for every single one of them.” 

(thumbnail of a crowdfunding-author badass, below)

Them be wise words, shared by author of Tantalus Depths, @Evan Graham. Evan managed to overcome a number of setbacks throughout his crowdfunding period, including the credit system debacle (before my time, but Evan does a good job of summarizing what went wrong ~3:00 minutes in). 

Evan’s determination is inspirational and humbling. I continue to be blown away by how tough as nails this community is, and by how willing everyone is to share what are some of our most vulnerable moments. 

Thank you for taking the time, Evan!

Stay tuned to hear from @Ferd Crôtte  and @Jason Pomerance  who have stuck with this project despite a lion’s share of technical difficulties, and finally @Rick Heinz (PS - I will be in touch this week!)

Happy it’s-almost-the-end-of-the-polar-vortex-season,


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Happy 2017, folks!

It’s taken me awhile to shake the holiday blues (read: hangover). But now that I’ve gotten all the flu, food, and family one could ever hope for out of my system, I’m rediscovering cogency and am embracing the internet again.

First order of the new year: Say Hello to @Amanda Orneck, Inkshares author of Deus Hex Machina, here to share with us some key insights into crowdfunding, participating in contests, and being an Inkshares author. BAM!

What I enjoyed most about my conversation with Amanda, aside from her killer sense of humour, is how frank she is. She states exactly what an author needs to do, and exactly what an author needs to ask for from their network to get the job done.

Thank you, Amanda. Like @Janna Grace, @Jane-Holly Meissner, and @Alastair Luft, you’re an inspiration to me.

On the topic of inspiration, other talented and successful authors we’ll be hearing from include @Evan Graham, @Jason Pomerance, @Ferd Crôtte, & @Rick Heinz. If you have questions you’d like these authors to answer, please don’t hesitate to reach out/speak up.


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Just found out about this. Awesome stuff!
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Looks good on my end!! Loving the new videos too 😀
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Ever thought to yourself, Should I buy 500 followers on Fiverr for $5? or, What are some things I  should  know  before issuing a press release about my book?

@Alastair Luft , author of The Battle Within, helps answer these questions (and more) in his interview:

Upcoming interviews include @Amanda Orneck  and @Evan Graham , during which we dig into experiences using Reddit & other similar platforms (FYI @Liz Kerin).

One more thing: If people are interested in more than 5 min. soundbites, let me know. A few of our literary brethren have offered to discuss their experience in more depth. Huzzah!

I think that’s it! Questions, comments, etc. are all welcome (nay, they’re encouraged).


PS @Janna Grace and @Jane-Holly Meissner, I’m bulking up your YouTube video descriptions to help point people to your masterpieces. Could you check in the next few hours that I got everything right? Thank you!
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Donna, watched the first video and it is great. Looking forward to more... should you need it I would be willing to volunteer (although I am certainly not a crowdfunding vet).  I really related to what @Janna Grace said, and now that I have gone through the Launchpad competition there is a lot I would do differently if I did it again (and a lot I still need to figure out). Also, years ago I went the self-publish route before there was such a thing as social media marketing...
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I’m willing to volunteer as an old contest vet and how things have changed since then!
Imgp6683 Susan K. Hamilton · Author · edited over 2 years ago · 2 likes
This sounds great, Donna -- I plan to check out the videos as soon as I can. When I started the Launchpad competition, I had no clue how to go about crowdfunding (and still find myself flailing around a bit). While I was fortunate enough to do fairly well in the contest -- I’m now at a loss for how to continue to develop a reader base because I feel like I’ve tapped into my existing network as much as I can.
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Thank you for having me, @Donna Fung , it was fun. :) Can’t wait to watch the next ones!
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This is such a great concept :)
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Alright folks! #2 is up! 

Following on the coattails of the lovely @Janna Grace , we have the lovely @Jane-Holly Meissner  to talk about her unique experience that involves extending her campaign and persevering.

(Apologies in advance for my audio pooping out a bit. I’ve figured it out and won’t have that issue moving forward, but oh man do computers really suck sometimes.) Other than that, it’s ready to rock

@Liz Kerin there’s no comment about blogs or Reddit in this one, but some mention of Facebook. I can echo Jane-Holly’s experience in that it wasn’t worth the investment! You can tune in about mid-way to hear what she has to say on the topic. I’ve got a few conversations lined up, and I’ll make sure to ask.


Other authors who you can look forward to hearing from include: @Alastair Luft, @Jason Pomerance , @Amanda Orneck and @Ferd Crôtte  to name a few. There are others lined up, but I’ll hold back on names since our interview date are TBD :)

Topics I’m looking forward to covering include: social platforms that have worked for different writers, what possible communities you can go to for pre-orders that are bit outside-the-box, motivational tips, etc.

Comments & questions are welcome! So are suggestions & volunteers who want to share their learnings. 

Me Donna Litt · Author · edited over 2 years ago · 3 likes
Thanks all for patience! Will be posting next video later this afternoon :) Stay tuned.
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Awesome video, thanks for posting. :) I’m also really curious to know if anyone has advice re: branching out to other forms of publicity other than your own social media circles, friends-of-friends, and Inkshares friends. Blogs, Reddit, etc? Would love to see a feature about that or hear about what others have done!
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Great video! I look forward to seeing more.
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Interesting video. Thanks for this! It’s always helpful to hear other people’s experiences. I look forward to future updates.
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  Great Job on the video!  Can’t wait to hear from more authors on their creative plan of attack to crowdfunding.  Keep it up!!
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that’s amazing! thanks for the video and even more thanks for advice! thanks again!! you’ve saved lots of my headaches and therefore a imitrex coupon
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Great video and advice - good job!
Me Donna Litt · Author · edited 9 months ago · 17 likes
Alright ladies & gents, we have LIFT OFF!



From someone who is mid-campaign: Janna’s advice is invaluable. I’ve already done two things differently from having spoken with her, and have seen positive results :) Yeehaw!

I hope you find this resource useful. If you do, I encourage you to share with your author friends who you think might find it useful too.



2015 12 02 20.28.58 Janna Grace · Author · edited over 1 year ago · 5 likes
Can’t wait to see what everyone else has to say and am excited to be part of such an excellent idea!
Img 20160806 023915 Luke Fellner · Author · edited over 2 years ago · 2 likes
Awesome, I hope a ton of people get to see this.
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Since kicking off my crowdfunding campaign for Where the Sun Sets I’ve learned that I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve also learned that I’m not alone. In fact, there are countless other clueless authors who are just like me!  

So I’m putting together a video series -a free online resource-  called Coming Clean on Crowdfunding to help us all be a little less clueless, and a little more likely to succeed in making our dreams a reality.

Coming Clean on Crowdfunding is a series of short video interviews (3-5 min. long), where each video showcases a single author who has chosen to crowdfund their literary darling into existence. 

For our first interview we’ll be hearing from the lovely Janna Grace, author of The Talkers are Talking.  Tune in to hear Janna tell us about her experience participating in an Inkshares contest, what she did wrong with her campaign, what she did right, and more.

Throughout the series we’ll be hearing from authors at all different stages in their campaign, from everywhere around the world. Should be very cool!

I’ll be posting them on YouTube HERE.

The first episode will be available later this evening/first thing in the morning. I’ll update the thread so you know when to take a peek.

If you like what you see and want to see more episodes from different authors, please subscribe! Post your comments or questions to the channel or to this thread, and please highlight the types of questions you’d like to see answered. If you have an experience you’d like to share in an episode, please reach out to me & we’ll set up a time to chat! 

I hope you find these interviews as fun and insightful as I do!