Any interest in commisioned book trailers?

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43706418 2081126375284980 2165370404376412160 n Patrick R Delaney · Author · edited 3 months ago · 2 likes
Good evening Mr. Traver! What sort of music videos? I’m fairly new to all this, but I’ve slowly been editing more and more just on the side for fun. I knew when I started kicking around ideas for the trailer for my book that I didn’t want to have any actors in it. My thoughts were that a book trailer would be fine kept simple using props and things that could convey what I wanted to say without needing people actually acting it out. If anything, I thought about using shots of people from behind or at angles that wouldn’t need facial expressions or dialogue. One thing that would be worthwhile is having dialogue playing over the video (a little narration perhaps).

I would probably start yours off with maybe some footage of the main character during WW2 and some of the scenes from back then with news footage and some shots of Nazi related propaganda and what not. After that, I’d do the transition after the war and into becoming a PI. In the case of Gumshoe Rules, I’d probably do some stock footage to establish the time being set in the Cold War.

Music is super huge too as I’m sure most people know. Timing out the cuts with the footage is annoying sometimes, but definitely makes all the difference in the end. Some book trailers are just too flat out plain. They throw lines from the book in there with a static image that changes. While this is nice, people are watching a movie for a reason (at least that’s my opinion on the subject).

Anyway, hopefully this  gives you an idea of how I approach book trailers. I think they’re definitely useful and worth the time to get some more sales.
Zack badge color 2 Z.Z. Traver · Author · added 3 months ago
I’ve edited a few music videos and I was thinking of doing a book video but don’t have time until the book is finished.  Would love to know your observations on what makes a good book video and whether it’s worth it. 
43706418 2081126375284980 2165370404376412160 n Patrick R Delaney · Author · added 3 months ago
I recently made a trailer for my book and wondered if there’s much of a demand for something like this. I quite enjoyed the process of making it so I thought I’d check around. I know having that little extra can make the difference of more pre-orders, and once the contest has ended I wouldn’t mind helping a few authors make some if it’s something that would be worth the time. To see what I did for my own book, check out my book, which is currently in the horror contest.