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Self G. R. Paskoff · Author · edited 6 months ago · 1 like

I’ve been meaning to add another comment to this post for awhile. Looking back at the Inkshares Contest history, there have been 13 contests over a 3 year period. That is a lot(!), when you consider that most sites that offer writing contests only occur once, maybe twice, per year. The most notable exception to this would be the Writers of the Future contests which are quarterly.

Addressing some of the posts below about the site being dead, I disagree. I just think that the staff have taken on too many projects too quickly. My intent in starting this thread was the hope that I could persuade the Inkshares team to devote someone to provide at least monthly updates on what’s happening.

1927655 10153104276537504 8736082307973971161 n Sammy Wilsmore · Author · added 9 months ago
Just from looking though things, it seems that Inkshares is not always what we wanted it to be, and I am now certainly looking at other options for my novel. I’ve heard far too many stories of things just going wrong for authors on this site, and now that nothing seems to be happening with the site (no new competitions etc etc.) there seems little point of hanging about from my perspective.
Dsc00487   copy Craig A. Munro · Author · added 9 months ago
The forums are certainly not very active (read totally dead), but the site is still alive and well from my perspective.
Nbp1bazw Michael Kilman · Author · added 9 months ago
Seems like this website is dead. Any chance someone can prove otherwise? 
1927655 10153104276537504 8736082307973971161 n Sammy Wilsmore · Author · edited 10 months ago · 1 like
I’ve been considering the same thing, looking for alternative routes, especially since I am very bad at market myself and my book, so I might need somewhere where I can get a bit more help. Despite, Inkshares has been a good platform, but the staff are a bit quiet...
Dsc 00352 square Kaytalin Platt · Author · edited 10 months ago · 2 likes
I’ll admit that the lack of news on the site and communication from the staff concerning funded projects has made me question pulling the book to pursue other avenues. 

We all know that authors can be very successful on Inkshares, so I want to keep the faith, but I also have this little twinge of worry about the state of the company or, at the very least, keeping the first book of a 4 book series with a very vague author-publisher relationship for the contract of 2 years (Quill). 
Nbp1bazw Michael Kilman · Author · edited 10 months ago · 1 like
I must say, that the lack of news seems a bit troubling. Especially since that last piece seemed to be the end of the Quill program. Perhaps there are some other big changes coming? This site seems eerily quiet. 
1927655 10153104276537504 8736082307973971161 n Sammy Wilsmore · Author · edited 6 months ago · 3 likes
I would also love to see something more communal, like a news roundup, such as what’s gotten funding, what’s new, what’s hot, as well as the normal updates I get. Also pieces from the publishing world outside Inkshares would be useful, and current events that affect us as writers. As much as the community driven feel of Inkshares is great, more input from Inkshares themselves would be very beneficial.
Self G. R. Paskoff · Author · edited 10 months ago · 1 like
Exactly. Right now the only updates I get are from the authors that I follow. But I’m sure there’s a lot more happening at Inkshares. Maybe instead of a weekly or monthly update, there could be a Timeline link that highlights upcoming books or events.
Dsc 00352 square Kaytalin Platt · Author · edited 10 months ago · 1 like
I think this would be very beneficial. I often come on the website now to see if there is any news of... anything. But, this desire may be stemming from a slight bit of frustration I have at the lack of communication from Inkshare’s staff concerning where my book stands as far as "in production". 

Communication in general is a great idea. All those things you listed would be great in a monthly newsletter to the members of the site. 
Self G. R. Paskoff · Author · edited 10 months ago · 7 likes

I, like many others in this community, joined Inkshares to enter one of the many writing contests in the hopes of becoming published (aside from simply self-publishing - not that there’s anything wrong with that!). And also, like many others, have stayed (I first joined about two years ago) because I found the creativity and support of the other writers on Inkshares to be an incredible resource and motivation. However, I have found that my "participation" in the forums over the last few months has been sparse. I would pop into the site, browse the latest forum posts (if there were any), and usually jump to another author/reader site to see if there were any threads being discussed there.

There is no dearth of posts by fellow authors looking to drum up interest and followers to their projects. Don’t get me wrong, I expect that. This is a crowdfunding site, after all. But I think what I feel is missing is more active up-to-date news on what is currently happening at Inkshares and what is coming next. Some thoughts: what changes can we expect to the website? what books that are in production will soon be coming out? what will be the next contest and when will it start?

Perhaps there could be a weekly or biweekly update to the major "goings-on" behind the scenes? What do you think? Is that possible?